Everything is available for Rs 500, buy clothes from here after travelling.

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Kashmir is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India. The natural beauty and culture here attracts a lot of people. This city is not only known for its valleys, but is also famous for its lifestyle and food. People also like the traditional attire of the people of Kashmir. This is why no matter what the season, cashmere clothes are in demand all over India. If we look carefully, you will find Kashmiri clothes only in Kashmir or mostly in Jammu.

The availability of these clothes is less in other cities, hence they are not easily available. But in Nainital of Uttarakhand you will get a good collection of Kashmiri clothes. There is a shop here where you will get all types of Kashmiri clothes.

Where is the cashmere fabric shop?

By the way, you can ask anyone in Nainital about this shop. But for information, let us tell you that to buy Kashmiri clothes, you will have to come to Kashmiri Art Emporium located on Mall Road. Here you will also find traditional dresses of Kashmir and pure Kashmiri stoles and shawls.

Cashmere suit will be available for Rs 500

The clothes at this shop come from Kashmir. Everything from Kashmiri shawls to suits and stoles is available here. Here you will find suits of many colors and designs in traditional Kashmiri Faran, Aari work, Kani work. Cashmere suits are available in the range of thousands, here you will get a pure cashmere design suit for just Rs 500. The price of suits starts from Rs 500 to Rs 8 thousand. Not only this, the price of netted Kashmiri shawl here ranges from Rs 7 thousand to Rs 20 thousand.

You can also do shopping from these markets

You can also do shopping from these markets

If you are in Nainital then definitely visit Bhotiya Market. Some people also know it by the name of Tibetan market. This market is also very famous for clothes. In this market you will find shawls, mufflers, Himalayan bags and Tibetan handicrafts at reasonable prices.

Woolen weavers will also be found here

Woolen weavers will also be found here

You will also find many women weaving and selling wool in Bhotiya market. Apart from this, an excellent collection of vintage candles can be seen here. Although, their price may be a bit high, but you should definitely buy something from here as a souvenir.

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