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Country will not tolerate… S Jaishankar reaches EC against Rahul Gandhi's remarks on Army, demands strict action

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale  - Senior Editor
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New Delhi: Amidst the Lok Sabha elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused Narendra Modi of preparing two types of soldiers. On which today Foreign Minister S. Many senior BJP leaders including Jaishankar reached the Election Commission office and lodged a complaint against Rahul Gandhi and other leaders of his party and demanded action.

Rahul Gandhi directly attacked the armed forces

Giving information on this matter, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that a few days ago Rahul Gandhi had said that Narendra Modi has created two types of soldiers. One is the son of poor, backward, tribal and Dalit and the other is the son of a rich family. But this is a lie, this is a direct attack on our armed forces, they want to make it a point of controversy. They want to discourage them. This is not a matter of elections, it is a matter of national security. The Indian Army is seriously using its full strength to protect the country from China. We request the Election Commission to take very strict action in this regard, this should not happen in future and it should be banned.

Congress has already raised questions on the army

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that this is not the first time that Congress has attacked the Indian Army. Even before this, when our soldiers had stopped the Chinese soldiers from coming forward in Arunachal Pradesh and chased them away, at that time also Rahul Gandhi had said in the Parliament that the Indian soldiers had been beaten. We have seen this insult before also, when the soldiers carried out the surgical strike in Balakot, these people raised questions on it, when we took action in Uri, these people raised questions on that too. Today we have come to the Election Commission but we also want to convey to the country that this country will not tolerate such attacks on our soldiers for political reasons.

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