Even after 21 years, the craze of the film Baghban has not diminished, everyone from children to old people should learn these 4 things

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Baghban is a movie that every family must have watched multiple times as it is a family movie whose story teaches the importance of relationships to people of all ages.
Released in the year 2003, this film highlighted many aspects of our society, showing the problems of children and the elderly and their attitude towards relationships. Even today, 21 years later, this film teaches these 4 things to people of all ages, which everyone should know and understand. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @dreamgirlhemamalini, iStock)

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save money for old age

In our society, a lot of importance is given to large families, thinking that when we grow old, this family, these children will worry about us. Something similar happened in the film Baghban, when Raj Malhotra invests all his savings in the education of his four sons. When his wife Pooja asks about his financial condition, Raj replies that 'our children have four fixed deposits each.'

But after retirement the children do not support them and even divide their parents. This teaches us that we should save some money for our old age, so that we can live our life.

Blood relations are not always permanent

Even today it is said about blood relations that no relationship is permanent, but proving this wrong, it has been shown in the film Baghban that on one hand, the children of Raj and Pooja Malhotra spoil them.

Akash Malhotra, whom he picked up from the temple and taught, becomes his support, considers him his parent and worships him like God. This character of Akash teaches everyone that relations are not always made of blood nor are they strong.

love happens at every age

In the film Baghban, the characters of Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini have broken the age barrier in love. While it is said that love decreases with increasing age, Raj and Pooja in this film proved it wrong. In the film, they can often be seen expressing their grief and love over separation. Especially when they have to separate because of the children.

Importance of parents

Every child should learn from this film that their parents do whatever they can for them. They put in all their hard work and earnings for their children. But it is not right for the children to abandon them.

Something similar happens in this film as well when Raj and Pooja do a lot for their children but when they grow old, the same sons turn their back on them. It is important that you understand the importance of your parents and respect them.

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