Breast milk is not coming after cesarean operation? Get your husband to do this work

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After the completion of nine months of pregnancy, the baby is expected to arrive. The two most common methods of taking the baby out of the mother's womb include normal and cesarean delivery. When the mouth of the uterus is not able to open or due to some other reason, the doctor recommends cesarean.

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Some women have this question in their minds regarding cesarean that after this they do not get breast milk and their child is deprived of essential nutrition. Lactation counselor Nikita Panchal has explained in a video on Instagram whether milk comes after cesarean or not.

Does milk come after cesarean or not?

the anesthesia does not reach the breast

The doctor said that the anesthesia given during cesarean delivery does not reach the breast, so anesthesia is not the reason for not producing breast milk. Before the operation, women are advised to stay on an empty stomach for several hours, which often reduces their energy. Due to this, breast milk does not come.

What should be done?

According to the doctor, the father plays an important role in this situation. The father should pick up the baby and place it on the mother's breast. The baby will try to extract milk from the nipple in the breast, which can cause milk to start coming in the breast. You have to try this method every two hours.

Milk comes late after cesarean

NCBI A research published in 2017 states that women get breast milk late after C-section or these women have difficulty in breastfeeding. According to them, women should be given guidance for breastfeeding during planned cesarean. Whereas in emergency cesarean, supportive care should be present for the first 24 hours of delivery.

Breast milk production after C-section

National Library of Medicine According to a study, it has been found that C-section can delay the production of mature milk. Colostrum is produced in your breasts in the first few days after delivery. There may be a delay in the arrival of milk after cesarean but it comes gradually.

How to breastfeed after a cesarean?

Healthy children According to this, you may have difficulty sitting due to surgery. Sit on the bed and keep a pillow on your lap and make the baby sit on it. You should choose a comfortable position for breastfeeding. You can also take your doctor's advice in this. If you are feeling sleepy or are in pain, you can breastfeed with someone's help.

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