Elections are going on, there is no interference in between… Supreme Court gives a blow to the petitioner who sought voting data.

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New Delhi: A hearing was held in the Supreme Court on the matter of making booth-wise voter data public during the Lok Sabha elections. During this, the Supreme Court has refused to direct the Election Commission to publish information about the total votes cast per booth. The Supreme Court said that the elections are going on and there can be no interference in between. With this, the hearing of this case has been postponed till after the summer vacation.

The hearing will be held after the summer vacation

The Supreme Court said that the sixth phase of elections will be held tomorrow (Saturday) and in such a situation we can understand the problem of the Election Commission because it requires manpower and we understand the ground situation. The Supreme Court has fixed the hearing on the petition of ADR in this matter after the summer vacation. The bench headed by Justice Dipankar Dutta said that we are directly postponing the hearing on the petition. We are only commenting on why relief cannot be given at this stage. The Supreme Court said in its order that prima facie we are not in favor of giving relief at this stage. Justice Dutta said that the sixth phase of elections will end on Saturday. Manpower is needed to implement such things. We are very aware of the ground situation and we feel that this matter should be heard after the summer vacation. We will hear the case after the holidays.

Earlier during the hearing on Friday, senior advocate Maninder Singh, appearing for the Election Commission, had argued that the May 19 petition is a classic case of how the law can be misused. Dave, on behalf of ADR, said that it is not that the petition is not worth hearing. One case is before the first counting of votes and the other case is after the counting of votes.

Justice Dutta said, let's first listen to Maninder Singh? Maninder Singh said that this petition is based only on suspicion and false allegations. The Supreme Court has given its verdict and there is no scope for doubt in it. The verdict was given in the morning and then a petition was filed that a particular point was not covered in it. On April 26, the Supreme Court rejected the petition for matching EVMs and VVPATs. Such an initiative harms the interests of the people as the sanctity of the election is being questioned. In this case, the Supreme Court has already considered Section 49S and Form 17C in its verdict given on April 26. It cannot be said that there is a fault in the system on the basis of mere suspicion and apprehension. The petition states that there is a difference of 5-6 percent votes and this is a false allegation.

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