Disease causing bacteria will be exposed, FSSAI is creating food testing lab network in the country, fruits and vegetables will be tested

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FSSAI set up 34 microbiology lab for food test: You must have heard of many such cases in which a person has fallen ill after eating contaminated fruits, vegetables or food. Many such cases keep coming to light. This happens because harmful bacteria already enter the fruit, vegetable or food and after eating it, the bacteria cause food poisoning. Taking this into consideration, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has decided to open 34 microbiology labs for food testing across the country. In these testing centres, 10 pathogenic microorganisms i.e. disease causing microorganisms will be tested to see whether these pathogens are present in any food product or not. Many food items get contaminated with E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria bacteria, which when consumed can cause food poisoning and can even kill a person.

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Diarrhea and food poisoning common
According to a report in Indian Express, an FSSIA official said that this lab will find out whether any food item contains disease-causing micro-organism or not. Another official said that in fact diarrhea and food poisoning have become so common that people do not even complain about such incidents anymore. But the truth is that these diseases are caused by eating infected food but they are not even aware of it. But FSSI's duty is to ensure access of safe and secure food to the people. These labs will test similar foods and protect people from diseases. He said that the department will regularly monitor the food and take strict action against those selling contaminated food.

No lab yet for testing
According to the data of the National Center for Disease Control, which investigates hundreds of diseases, cases of severe diarrhea and food poisoning have started becoming common in the country. During the last four years, there have been 1,100 outbreaks of severe diarrhea in the country, while there have been 550 outbreaks of food poisoning (community-level disease). At present there is no such lab in the country where food can be tested to find out whether the food is infected or not. There are 79 state food testing labs in the country but they do not have machines to detect microorganisms. In these centres, only the amount of protein and carbohydrates present in a food is tested.

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