Difficulty even walking! Seeing this video of Swati Maliwal, people are saying – I probably hit you a lot!

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New Delhi: The latest video of Swati Maliwal, Rajya Sabha MP of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and chairperson of Delhi Women Commission for a long time, is surprising people. News agency ANI tweeted a video of Maliwal at 3.35 am on Friday in which she is seen walking slowly. The video is from outside Maliwal's house. It is seen in the video that she gets down from the car and moves towards the door of the house. During this time a person is with him. Then the media person wanted to ask something from Swati Maliwal. He says sorry madam, madam, but Swati Maliwal keeps moving towards the door. During this time, it is clearly visible in the video that Maliwal is moving forward while keeping her feet absolutely steady.

People are saying- Swati must have been beaten a lot

The market of speculation has become heated on this video of Maliwal. There are comments below the video in which people are expressing apprehension that Swati has been injured due to excessive assault. Due to this she is not able to even walk properly. However, only Swati can tell what the truth is. A user named @crazytweeep writes, 'Swati Maliwal is not even able to walk properly. Imagine how scared she must have been when she was being beaten in the presence of Natwarlal (Kejriwal).

Meanwhile, AAP official Aarti Singh says that this is all drama. He wrote, 'When she went to the police station, these injuries were not visible to the police. What drama is going on?'

@ShriRamRajya1 wrote, 'Probably hit a lot.'

@KohliGoat writes, 'He was brutally beaten in Sheeshmahal. She is not even able to walk properly. Is that why the Supreme Court granted bail to Kejriwal? Who will take suo motu cognizance now?

@utka16162 has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take Swati Maliwal into confidence in this matter. He wrote, 'Narendra Modi sir see this and ask him if he is okay. Reassure them that you are with them. They should fight fiercely against it. Even after three-four days she is not able to walk properly. No one knows how badly Kejriwal and his wife have beaten him.
Along with this, some people are also expressing sympathy with Swati Maliwal. Alok Mishra writes, 'Complete sympathy! She is walking with great difficulty. Let's see what else Kejriwal serves in this election. Whatever happens, the Supreme Court is sitting to forgive him.

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