Chef Pankaj Bhadauria told an easy way to shine the gas stove, stubborn stains will be removed in 5 minutes.

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While cooking, things like pulses, tea, vegetables, milk and oil keep falling on the gas stove. Because of the flame everything dries quickly. Due to which the gas stove starts looking black, dirty and greasy. Now it is very difficult to remove these dry stubborn stains. Therefore, cleaning of the stove is often ignored, resulting in increased dirt and reduced flame from the burner.

If you are also struggling with this problem then now you do not need to worry at all. Chef Pankaj Bhadauria explains how using easy tips and tricks. He has shared a video on his Instagram account. With the help of this solution, it will not take much time for you to clean the gas stones. Let us also tell you Chef Pankaj's trick.

Make cleaner liquid like this

Chef Pankaj Bhadauria explains that to clean the gas stove, first make a cleaner liquid. For this, take 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl. Now add about half a cup of vinegar to it and prepare a thick solution. Mix this solution well with a spoon. Then you will see bubbles rising from this solution.

clean like this

When your solution is ready, pour it with the help of a spoon and spread it well around the gas stove and burner. Then leave this solution on the gas stove for about 20 minutes. By then the mixture on the gas stove will have dried a little. And, cleaning the stove thoroughly will help.

Dirt will be gone within minutes

Dirt will be gone within minutes

Now clean the gas stove by rubbing it gently with the help of a scrubber or soft sponge. During this time you will see that all the dirt around the gas stove and burner will start getting removed easily. Then, use a wet cloth or Wonder Wipes to wipe and dry the gas stove. Your gas stove will look clean and new.

Recipe by Chef Pankaj Bhadauria

This method will also work

This method will also work

Edible salt is also a good option for cleaning. Insects die with the help of salt and it is also beneficial in removing stains and spots. To clean a gas stove, sprinkle salt on it. – Now cut a lemon into pieces, then take out the salt from the lemon and rub it on the gas stove. Finally clean the stove with the help of sponge and dish soap.

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