CBSE Result: Re-evaluation will be done! CBSE caught big 'manipulation' in 10th and 12th board results

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CBSE Latest News in Hindi: Big news is coming for the students of Central Board of Secondary Education. There is a report of discrepancy in the CBSE board results. This is not baseless, nor is it a rumor. Rather, CBSE itself has given information about this. A notice has been issued about this on CBSE's website What is this discrepancy? How did the board come to know about it? What will happen next? Understand the whole matter.

CBSE Board Result: AI tells the truth

A notice has been uploaded on the official website of CBSE on Thursday, June 6 by the Central Board of Secondary Education. In this, the board has written-

'With the help of its advanced AI tool, CBSE has found that there is a huge difference between theory and practical marks. Irregularities have been found in the results of more than 500 schools in the country recognized by CBSE. There is a huge difference between CBSE practical marks and CBSE theory marks of more than 50 percent of the students studying in these schools.'

'This difference between practical and theory marks shows that schools need to adopt better and proper assessment process in CBSE Class 10th, 12th practical exams. Advisory has been issued to all such schools. They have been asked to review their internal assessment process.'

The board says that 'Our aim is to make the process of giving CBSE internal marks in schools more transparent and reliable. This advisory is to remind the schools to maintain fairness in CBSE practical exams and focus on improving the quality of education.' CBSE Result Latest Information Click on the link to read.

What will be the impact on CBSE Result 2024?

After this news, a question may arise in the minds of students and parents that what effect will this latest development have on the CBSE Board Result 2024 to be released in the second week of May?

So the answer is- you do not need to worry. The board has definitely asked the schools to improve their evaluation process. But it will be implemented from the upcoming examinations i.e. CBSE Board Exam 2025. It will not have any effect on the results this time.

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