Caught between the rift between his wife and mother, this film of Vikrant Singh is full of family drama.

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The amazing trailer of Bhojpuri film 'Saas Athanni Bahu Rupaiya' starring superstar Vikrant Singh Rajput and Richa Dixit, made under the banner of JAS Motion Pictures, is out today. This film is going to be seen teaching the audience a lesson about discord in the family and its ill effects. According to the trailer of the film, Vikrant Singh Rajput, Richa Dixit, J Neelam and Anita Rawat have added excitement to the trailer with their performances, from which the level of the film can be understood. The producers of this film are Vinay Singh and Anshuman Singh and the director is Vishnu Shankar. The trailer of the film has been released on Inter 10 Rangeela and Dangal Play app.

What's in the trailer?

The trailer of the film 'Saas Athanni Bahu Rupaiya' is of 4 minutes 21 seconds and it starts in a village, in which a mother is looking for a daughter-in-law for her son. At the same time, he encounters Richa Dixit under circumstances where they have a fight. But his son Vikrant Singh Rajput falls in love with Richa Dixit and somehow they both get married. Then a fight starts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the house and then something happens that Richa has to go to the hospital. Saddened by this, Vikrant comes out of the hospital and meets with a road accident. The climax of the film is quite interesting, which is going to attract the audience towards the film.

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Regarding the film, Vikrant said that the story of this film is different and its presentation has also been done in a brilliant manner. Bhojpuri audience can see it in the trailer of the film. This film is as special for Bhojpuri cinema industry as it is for me. The film 'Saas Athanni Bahu Rupaiya' stars Vikrant Singh Rajput, Richa Dixit, J Neelam, Anita Rawat along with Rajneesh Jhanjhi, Santosh Srivastava, Prakash Jais, Priya Dixit, Shabih Fatima Jaffrey, Simran Srivastava, Sonia Mishra, Anshu Tiwari in lead roles. . Anshuman Singh Rajput is in a guest role.

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