Call will come from police number on WhatsApp! You will get threats and abuses, if you get scared you will become poor.

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Whatsapp Call Digital arrest: 'Two months ago, a father resident of Kerala received a call on WhatsApp from the number shown as DP of a police officer. As soon as he picked it up, a voice came from there, 'Listen, DCP from Delhi is calling, your daughter has been caught with drugs. Is lodged in jail. He is getting beaten. Hear the sound of crying, this is your daughter, isn't she?… Hearing the sound of screaming on the phone, the father got scared and told the name of the daughter to the policeman and asked if it was her?… From there he repeated the same name and said yes. If you want to hush up the case then send the money to the account immediately, otherwise you will have to spend 7 years in jail., Without thinking anything, the father gave the important information of OTP and Aadhaar received in the message and Rs 12 lakh was withdrawn from the account and the phone got disconnected… When the father called back, the phone was switched off forever. ,

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'A similar call was received on WhatsApp on March 27 by Noida resident senior journalist Sanjay Srivastava from a number carrying a photo of an officer wearing police uniform. Spoke from there., I am Inspector Ravi from the police station, tell me your name. A case has come against you. Srivastava said that if a case has come then you must know the name.. Why should I tell the name? Said tell me your name otherwise heavy fine will be imposed.. When he threatened her, he abused her and disconnected the call..

Even after calling several times he did not pick up the call. When a normal call was made on that number, someone Shiva Sharma spoke from there and said that he had not made any call and since then the number has been switched off..'

These are just two cases. Like this, how many calls are coming to people on WhatsApp every day and making people poor. A photo of a police officer wearing uniform is posted on WhatsApp. From there, the sounds of hooters and sirens keep coming, sometimes even fighting and crying, as if a criminal is being beaten in jail. Actually this new method of cyber fraud is being adopted. You get nervous and pay the money.

Not only in Delhi-NCR but in many states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, hundreds of such complaints have reached the cyber cell of the police. It is being seen that many people consider such calls as a police matter and do not complain about them and remain scared for weeks. Or they give their data to criminals and then bring a complaint after getting robbed.

Digital arrest is a new method of cyber crime.
Delhi Police cyber expert Kislay Chaudhary said that criminals have started adopting the method of digital arrest for cyber crimes. They pose as policemen and threaten people and even abuse them. They threaten children, relatives and the person himself to get entangled in the case etc. In such a situation, many times, out of fear, people give them their Aadhaar number, account details, OTP, email passwords and get their accounts emptied. Many times they even transfer the money themselves. At present this has become the most common fraud. These people who commit cyber crimes are from India as well as from outside countries. They cheat and many people get trapped in this honey trap scam.

People should not make these mistakes..
Kislay says that to avoid such cyber crimes
Avoid doing certain things.

, Whenever you get a call from an unknown number on WhatsApp, do not pick up.
, If you are getting a call from a number with police photo on it, do not pick up at all.
, Whenever the police calls, they make a normal call from the CUG number or landline number. Police never make WhatsApp calls, keep this in mind.
, Even if you have picked up the phone, do not panic and do not share any information about yourself or your children. Hang up the phone immediately.
, You may not file an FIR against this number but do file a complaint with the police.

People don't complain, this is the biggest drawback
Kislay says that the number of such WhatsApp calls is high but complaints to the police are very less. People either block the number, or leave it as it is, or delete it. This is not the solution. You must give the details of that number to the police because after the complaint, this number gets registered in the cyber cell and if calls are made from it, the police also record it and catch the culprit. Therefore, definitely file a complaint with the police.

If not going to the nearest police station, then people can also register their complaint on cyber crime helpline number 1930. Or you can also register your complaint on the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal.

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