How to take care of health during summer season? Follow these expert tips

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Vikash Kumar/Chitrakoot: How to take care of health during summer season? This question often arises in the minds of many people. In such a situation, what should you do, what should you eat and what should you avoid? According to the doctor, walking around in the scorching sun causes problems like heat stroke, dehydration, headache, skin tan. In such a situation, even a little carelessness can make you fall ill. To avoid this, the doctor has given some tips which can benefit you.

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Doctor suggested preventive measures
Doctor Pawan, posted at Manikpur CHC, Chitrakoot, said that people are very careless during the summer season. He says that now the weather is moving from cold to hot. In such a situation, people covered their heads while going out in the sun. Because, hit stroke will cause more sunlight to the head. This may also cause sudden dizziness. He told that one should drink as much water as possible before going out in the summer season. If you notice any serious problem, immediately contact your nearest hospital.

Do not let there be lack of water in the body
He says that during the summer season, diseases like loose motion, watery eyes, headache, fever also start occurring. He said that in the summer season, the more water remains inside your body. The more you feel healthy. Cucumber, kheer and fruits should be consumed more in the summer season. Do not go out in the sun after eating too much heavy food. He said that people should not drink water immediately after coming out of the sun. Due to this, the body temperature suddenly becomes low, due to which the risk of fever increases.

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