C Voter Lok Sabha Chunav Exit Poll 2024: Who will form the government in the C-Voter exit poll, it will be clear in some time

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The phase of voting in the 2024 electoral battle is over. Now everyone is waiting for June 4 when the final result will come out with the counting of votes. However, there is a lot of discussion about who will form the next government in the country. Common people want to know as soon as possible which party can form the new government. Its picture will become clear in a short while, when the exit poll results will come out. Different agencies and news channels will release exit polls. From this, a possible estimate can be made about the election results. In this episode, everyone's eyes are on the exit poll of C-Voter. On the survey of CVoter, you can know the status of all 543 seats in the country.

Who is ahead and who is behind in C-Voter survey?

CVoter's survey will be released as soon as the seventh and last phase of voting is completed in the Lok Sabha elections. This will make it clear whether the BJP-led NDA government will come to power at the center or the Bharat Alliance of opposition parties will dominate. BJP had given the slogan of crossing 400 in this election. Whether the public is supporting their claim or not, it will be clear from the CVoter exit poll.

Explain: Exit polls will tell whether BJP will form the government or not, know how accurate they are

Final result on June 4

The electoral battle that began on April 19 concluded in seven phases on June 1. Despite the scorching heat, voters exercised their franchise in large numbers. Now everyone is waiting for June 4.

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