BK Shivani told that Indian mothers are doing this wrong thing and told the way to improve and reform

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Everyone has different opinions about parenting. Some say that children should be treated strictly, while others say that children should be treated like friends. Motivational speaker Shivani ji gave her opinion on the right upbringing of children. She says that in her time, her mother used to cook food at home three times a day.

Nowadays mothers complain why their child is like this. One of the reasons is that they do not cook food at home and feed their children and order food from outside. You have earned a lot of money but if you do not have time to cook food for your family, then your earned money will not be meaningful. Will the food cooked by the person who cooks for money have the love and vibration of a mother?

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There is nutrition in the food cooked by mother

schooldekho.org According to an article published in , by cooking at home, parents can keep track of the quality and quantity of ingredients used in the food. This gives children a nutritious and balanced diet and fulfills their requirement of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. This helps in the growth and development of children.
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inculcates good habits in children

North Shore Pediatric Therapy According to, eating homemade food helps develop good eating habits in children. When you cook food for your family, include a variety of healthy items in it. You can also ask children what is the healthiest food nowadays. This will help children learn about healthy eating.
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family bond

family bond

Cooking and eating meals together as a family strengthens relationships. It improves communication, helps children learn to cook and appreciate the person who cooks the food. It strengthens family relationships and also promotes a positive food culture.

Mom's handmade food

Mom's handmade food

Children enjoy the taste of food cooked by their mother throughout their lives. You must have heard people say that if the food tastes like it is cooked by their mother, then both the stomach and the mind are satisfied. The love with which a mother cooks food for her child definitely reaches the child and both the mind and the stomach are satisfied.

Learn Life Skills

Learn Life Skills

Cooking at home allows parents to involve their children in the food preparation process, which helps them learn essential life skills. Children can learn about food safety, basic cooking techniques, and the importance of making the right food choices. These skills enable children to become self-sufficient and develop a deeper understanding of nutrition and food preparation.

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