Big jump in the prices of gold and silver, know what is the price of 24 carat gold today

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Report-Nisha Rathod
Udaipur. Holi is over, now wedding season is coming. Obviously the prices of gold have started increasing in the market. There will be demand for jewelery everywhere in weddings, hence gold is on the rise. As March passes, its prices are continuously increasing. The situation is that people are now preferring light jewellery.

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If we talk about the latest market price of gold, the price of 24 carat gold has reached more than Rs 66000 per 10 grams. These days, gold buyers are in shock after seeing the continuously rising prices. The price of 24 carat gold on Thursday is Rs 66350. Whereas the price of 22 carat gold was Rs 61350. The price of pure silver is Rs 72900 and the price of 18 carat silver is Rs 50660.

Continuous rise in gold prices
Ganesh, a member of Ghantaghar Trade Association of Udaipur city, informed that a continuous increase is being seen in the prices of gold. Because of this, people are preferring to buy less expensive things. This year the price of gold is increasing a lot. That's why customers are hesitant in buying gold. This year the price of gold has continuously remained above Rs 65,000 per tola. In the last three months its price remained between Rs 65000 to Rs 64000. From this it seems that the prices of gold will increase further in the coming time. Those who invest in gold are buying gold.

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prices are high, demand is low
Rajendra Porwal, a bullion businessman from Udaipur city, said that as the prices of gold are continuously increasing, people are demanding light jewelery keeping in mind their pockets. Jewelery is being prepared for the customers as per their budget. Gold prices have spoiled people's budget. Earlier customers could easily buy 10 to 12 tola gold. Now this trade is limited to between 5 to 6 tola.

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