'Bhaiya Ji' could not even match 'Shrikant' on the second day, the collection of both the films was this much

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Manoj Bajpayee's film 'Bhaiya Ji' hit the screens this Friday, i.e. on 24 May. The actor promoted his 100th film a lot and also did a lot of action in it, but this film could not attract the audience. On the very first day, 'Bhaiya Ji' disappointed by earning only Rs 1.35 crore. The situation remained the same on the second day, but there was a slight increase in the earnings. On the other hand, Rajkumar Rao's 'Srikant' is earning well even after 16 days. On the second day, 'Bhaiya Ji' lagged behind 'Srikant''s earnings on the 16th day. Let us tell you how was the 16th day of 'Bhaiya Ji' and 'Srikant' at the box office and who collected how much. Here, let us tell you that the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections was on 25 May, due to which very few people reached the cinema halls. The scorching heat is also preventing the audience from reaching the theater. Due to these two reasons, the earnings of 'Shrikant' and 'Bhaiya Ji' have been affected.

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Second day collection of 'Bhaiya Ji'

The budget of 'Bhaiya Ji' is said to be Rs 20 crore, but the way it has started at the box office, it does not seem that it will be able to achieve its average. However, it has been only two days since its release and after seeing its pace in the first week, it will be known whether 'Bhaiya Ji' will be profitable or not. This film, full of action and powerful dialogues of Manoj Bajpayee, did a business of only Rs 1.75 crore on the second day. This film is not getting audience in multiplexes, due to which the earnings are getting affected a lot. When the trailer of 'Bhaiya Ji' was released, there was a lot of craze among the fans about it. Manoj Bajpayee's action avatar was being praised a lot, but now after the release, the response seems to be cooling down.

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16th day collection of 'Srikanth'


Rajkumar Rao's 'Srikant' has been at the box office for 15 days and is earning well. Even the release of Manoj Bajpayee's 'Bhaiya Ji' did not affect it. 'Srikant', which was released on May 10, had an opening of Rs 2.25 crore and then its earnings kept increasing and decreasing. However, the good thing is that even after 15 days, this film is doing business in crores. According to Sacnilk's report, 'Srikant' did a business of Rs 2 crore on the third Saturday i.e. May 25. In this way, the film has collected a total of Rs 34.65 crore in 16 days. The budget of the film is Rs 40 crore.

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This was the possession of 'Bhaiya Ji' and 'Srikant'

Talking about occupancy, 12.81% people came to watch 'Shrikant' in the morning show and the occupancy increased to 22.77% in the afternoon show and then to 27.47% in the night show. Manoj Bajpayee's 'Bhaiya Ji' had 6.65% occupancy in the morning show, which increased to 16.09% by night.

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