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Ananya Shroff
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Fitness experts often recommend eating raw paneer after gym and exercise. Paneer contains protein as well as a good amount of fat. Paneer is the best diet for those who want to lose weight.
But paneer is not only beneficial for weight management, but it is also beneficial for health in many ways. Raw paneer is considered more beneficial for health than cooked paneer.

There are many health benefits of eating raw paneer. It contains protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. The protein present in paneer plays an important role in your weight loss as well as many functions of the body. Some of the major benefits of eating raw paneer are as follows.

Muscles become stronger
Cottage cheese is rich in protein, which helps in strengthening muscles and also aids in muscle recovery after exercise. Protein intake also controls appetite, which helps in weight loss.

Bones become stronger
A good amount of calcium is found in cottage cheese, which strengthens bones and teeth. It also reduces the risk of bone diseases like osteoporosis.

Good for the nervous system
Vitamin B12 is found in cottage cheese, which is essential for the nervous system and the production of red blood cells. This vitamin also repairs damaged nerves.

Beneficial for the digestive system
Paneer contains some probiotic bacteria, which can be beneficial for the digestive system. It also contains high amounts of fiber. Consumption of paneer improves digestion and also provides relief from constipation.

Strengthens the immune system
Some types of antioxidants are found in cheese, which boost the immune system. The high amount of antioxidants present in it also protects against the risk of many diseases.

Beneficial for the heart
Low-fat cottage cheese is good for heart health. It helps control cholesterol levels.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always consult your doctor for more information.

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