Be careful, in heat above 45 degrees Celsius, a small mistake can cause a fire, 44 people lost their lives in 5 accidents

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New Delhi: There is severe heat in many states of the country including Delhi-NCR. The temperature has crossed 45 degrees at many places. The severe heat has not only troubled the people but has also created a new problem. In this summer season, the incidents of fire have also increased a lot. From Rajkot in Gujarat to Vivek Vihar in Delhi, fire has taken the lives of many innocent people. Many major incidents of fire have come to light in just three-four days. We are telling you about five major incidents of fire in 3-4 days, in which 43 innocent people died. Three of these incidents have happened within 24 hours.

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Huge fire at gaming zone in Rajkot, Gujarat

A massive fire broke out in the gaming zone of a mall in Rajkot, Gujarat on Saturday. 33 people died in this accident. Most of the dead are children. The police have so far detained ten people including the owner and manager of the game zone in this incident. It is being told that the fire in the game zone was caused by electricity. The surprising thing is that this game zone was running without NOC and it did not get any approval from the entertainment department of the corporation. Despite this, it was running smoothly for many years. The Gujarat government has formed a special team to investigate the accident.

7 infants died in fire in Vivek Vihar, Delhi

The second accident also happened on Saturday night around 11.30 pm. A fire broke out in a baby care hospital located in Vivek Vihar area of ​​​​Delhi. At the time of the incident, 12 newborn babies were present in the care center. Local people say that there were many oxygen cylinders on the ground floor of the building, which exploded. In a short time, the flames of fire spread throughout the building. Police and fire service were immediately informed. Local people came forward to save the children and started taking them out of the care center located on the first floor by placing a ladder. 16 fire brigade vehicles arrived and started trying to control the fire. The fire brigade team along with the people rescued 12 children. But 7 children died during treatment and 5 children are undergoing treatment.

Three people died in a fire in Delhi's Krishna Nagar

A fire broke out in a four-storey building in Delhi's Krishna Nagar area late Saturday night. The fire started in the parking lot on the ground floor of the building and within no time the entire building caught fire. When the fire brigade team reached the spot after getting the information, they found the burnt body of an elderly man. The fire brigade team rescued two more people from the house and admitted them to the hospital, where doctors declared them dead. In this way, three people died in the Krishna Vihar fire incident. Apart from this, 11 scooters/bikes also got damaged after coming in contact with the fire.

Fire breaks out at Delhi's Rohini Mall

This week, a fire broke out in a three-storey showroom in Rohini Sector-8, Delhi. On receiving the information, fire brigade vehicles reached the spot and controlled the fire. During the fire, a woman suffered minor burns and was given first aid. Fortunately, before the fire brigade team arrived, the people trapped inside were evacuated from the back door. Furniture work was done on the ground floor of the three-storey building, the basement is safe and there is no fire in it. 12 fire brigade vehicles controlled the fire in the showroom in Rohini.

One employee died in a fire in a building located at ITO in Delhi

Last week, a fire broke out in the Income Tax Office located at ITO, Delhi. In this accident, an employee died due to suffocation. Most of the people were having lunch when the fire broke out. After the fire broke out, smoke started rising. The fire brigade team immediately reached the spot and rescued the people trapped inside. Some employees came out of the office windows to save themselves and were brought down with the help of stairs.

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