Bad News! This Google app will be closed from April 2, the company said, transfer your data immediately!

Ananya Shroff
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Google has not just one or two but many products, and one of these, Google Podcast, was recently introduced by the company. But it looks like it is about to end before it can even begin. Podcasts are popular across different platforms and for Google, and perhaps Google feels that there is no need for a separate app for it. Therefore, Google's podcast app service is being discontinued from April 2.

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But the company is not shutting down the podcast segment completely, and YouTube will be the preferred platform for music podcasts as the company is ready to invest all its resources in one app instead of two.

Google had talked about shutting down the app in September last year, so it is not that people were not given enough time to make the change/switch.

Google is basically asking people to pay for the YouTube Music service if they want access to podcasts starting April 2, which is a definite concern for many who have invested in the platform and are willing to give up their data. Is kept.

Google is only offering the feature and service switching to its folks in the US, and there's no word on what will happen to others using the Podcasts app outside the region.

How to transfer Google Podcasts to another app:-
First of all go to Google Podcast app.
After this click on Export Subscription option.
Now tap on the Export button given below Export to youtube music.
Now select Transfer in the Youtube Music app.
Now click on Continue.

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