After death, the body is cut into pieces and then fed to vultures, the funeral tradition will surprise you!

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After death, the body is cut into pieces and then fed to vultures, the funeral tradition will surprise you!

In different parts of the world, different traditions are followed regarding the last rites of people after death. While in Hindu society the dead bodies of people are burnt or floated in the river, in Christian and Muslim religions there is a custom of burial. But apart from these, strange traditions are also followed regarding the last rites, which anyone would be shocked to know about. Today we are going to tell you about one such funeral tradition, where after the death of people, their dead bodies are cut into pieces and then fed to vultures.

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The community that follows this tradition of last rites believes that if the dead body of a dead person is eaten by animals like vultures, then with their flight the soul of that person also reaches heaven. Vajrayana Buddhist people living in Tibet, Qinghai and Mongolia perform it. This method of last rites is called Jhator or Sky Burial by the local people, which has been followed thousands of years ago. When the dead body is kept in the open field for the vultures to eat, the relatives of the deceased are also present there.

What is Jhator? Learn…

To complete this process of last rites, the dead body has to go to the crematorium, which is basically in a high altitude area. There the Lama (Buddhist monk) worships the dead body by lighting incense sticks, then a crematorium employee (Rogyapas) cuts the body into small pieces. At the same time, another employee present there dips those pieces in a solution of barley flour and gives them to the vultures to eat. During this time the family members of the deceased remain present there. In such a situation, when the vultures eat all the meat and go away, then those bones are collected and pulverized. Then again the bone powder is dipped in barley flour and butter and given to crows and hawks to eat. A similar tradition of funeral rites is also followed in some areas of Mongolia.

After all, how did this tradition start?

The question arises that how did such a strange tradition of last rites start? So let us tell you that there are two main reasons behind this. Dead bodies cannot be burnt there because Tibet is situated at a very high altitude and trees are not found there. The second reason is the rocky land there, digging of which is not possible. In such a situation, it is difficult to bury the body.

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