As soon as he won the election, Manoj Tiwari started singing Sohar, 'Lalna Hind Ke Sitara' from 'Panchayat 3' is resonating loudly

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BJP candidate from North East Delhi Lok Sabha seat Manoj Tiwari is very happy after his victory. He has defeated Congress' Kanhaiya Kumar by 1,38,778 votes and with this there is an atmosphere of celebration. Immediately after this victory, Manoj Tiwari expressed his gratitude to the public by sharing his video with his daughter. With this victory, Manoj Tiwari also remembered 'Panchayat 3', in which his Sohar song 'Lalna Hind Ke Sitara' is in the headlines. Manoj Tiwari has once again hummed this Sohar while celebrating his victory.

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Talking to the media after the victory, Manoj Kumar said, 'If we hum this song from Panchayat-
O Lalana, O Lalana, this is an important moment, your face is so beautiful
This girl assures me that Babua will become CM and above him will be PM.
Now how did I know that these words would bring happiness to so many people, sometimes nature also makes us do things.' Once again this song of Manoj Tiwari is touching everyone's heart.

Manoj Tiwari sang Sohar after the victory

Web series 'Panchayat 3' song 'Lalna Hind Ke Sitara'

Let us tell you that Jitendra Kumar starrer famous web series 'Panchayat 3' is currently ruling the hearts and minds of Indian viewers. As soon as it was released, a sohar song named 'Lalana Hind Ke Sitara' was much talked about with this show. For 'Panchayat 3', it was sung by famous Bhojpuri singer Manoj Tiwari along with Anurag Saikia, which was liked by the people and this sohar also created a stir along with the series on OTT.

This song is popular after childbirth

It is said that this Sohar has been written by two poets, one Lahari ji and the other Shivanand Mishra Shikari. Especially in Purvanchal, there is a tradition of singing Sohar at the time of birth of a child. People also sing it a lot on special programs related to Lord Rama and on Ramnavami.

Know what are the lyrics of Sohar

Such a beautiful auspicious idol, pleasant beautiful form
Rajaji, if you do this then the auspicious time must be beautiful

Will our public Babua be the GM or Lalana will be the DM
This girl is the star of India and she is the CM and above that she is the PM
He will be the Chancellor of the University and Mayor of the City of London.
This Lallana3 is the Home Secretary of the government and she is a diamond of our earth.

Babua you will be our king, you will be the king of kings
These children will be made of diamonds and topaz and will become the crown of our heads
Munibaba would be such a wise man, Rajaji would be such a generous man

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