Actually this Indian created Facebook, then how did it become Zuckerberg's

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Actually this Indian created Facebook, then how did it become Zuckerberg's


Divya was born in the Bronx, New York. Both his parents came from India
In the year 2008, Zuckerberg gave him an amount of 65 million dollars in the agreement.

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Divya Narendra is the person who created Facebook but never got the credit for it. He, along with two other colleagues, developed the technology that we know today as Facebook. But Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook. Narendra was the first person who filed the first case against Zuckerberg. This case was of betrayal.

Narendra's full name is Divya Narendra. He is the elder son of a doctor couple who went to America from India. Narendra studied at Harvard. Now he runs his own company, whose name is SameZero. He runs this investment giant with Harvard classmate Alap Mahadevia. He was also a co-founder of Harvard Connection (later named ConnectU). He created it together with Cameron Winklevoss and Taylor Winklevoss.

Parents moved from India and settled in America
Divya was born in the Bronx, New York. Both his parents came from India. Both were doctors. Both fell in love in New York. He got married. Narendra was quick in studies initially. He was born in 1984 and took admission in Harvard in the year 2000. In 2004, he graduated in Applied Mathematics. After that he also studied MBA and law.

Facebook is built on the formula of Harvard Connect
Divya along with two of his Harvard colleagues launched the HarvardConnect social networking website on May 21, 2004. Later its name was changed to ConnectU. The project was started in December 2002. Its entire format and concept is the same on which Facebook started. This website was launched. Started work as Harvard Community. Then it stopped.

Sanjay was its first programmer
In this, Sanjay Mavinkurve was the first programmer who was asked to make a Harvard connection. Sanjay started working on it but left the project in the year 2003. He went to Google. After Sanjay's departure, Winklevoss and Narendra proposed Harvard student and their friend programmer Victor Gao to work together. He said that instead of becoming a full partner in this project, he would like to work for money. He was given $400 for his work. He worked on website coding. Then separated himself due to personal reasons.

Narendra then approached Mark Zuckerberg
In November 2003, on Victor's reference, Winklevoss and Narendra approached Mark Zuckerberg to join their team. However, Narendra and Winklevoss had already done a lot of work on this. Narendra says that after a few days we developed that website to a great extent. We knew that as soon as we showed it to people on campus, it would create a stir among people. When Zuckerberg spoke to the Harvard Connection team, the team found him very enthusiastic. He was told about the website. Told how he would expand it. How to take it to other schools and other campuses. But all this was confidential but it was necessary to tell in the meeting.


Started cheating after becoming partner
Zuckerberg became his partner only through verbal conversation. They were informed about the private server location and password so that the remaining work and coding of the website could be completed. It was believed that they would soon complete the programming work and the website would be launched.
A few days later, Zuckerberg sent an email to Cameron Winklevoss, saying that he did not think it would be difficult to complete the project. I have read everything that has been sent to me. It will not take much time to implement these. The next day Zuckerberg sent another email, I have done everything and the website will be launched soon. But after this Zuckerberg started cheating.

Zuckerberg stopped answering phones
He stopped answering calls from the Harvard Connect team. He was not even replying to his mails. He started expressing that he was busy with some work and did not have much time. On December 4, 2003, Zuckerberg wrote, Sorry I could not answer your calls. I am very busy…he said the same thing in his subsequent mail also.

Zuckerberg secretly launched Facebook
Then the situation became such that Zuckerberg created differences and separated. Meanwhile, he launched a new site by the name of on February 4, 2004. Everything in it was the same as what was being developed for Harvard Connect. This social network site was also for Harvard students, which was later to be expanded to other schools of the country. Narendra and Winklevoss came to know about this late. Divya and his colleagues had a heated argument with Zuckerberg. The university management intervened in the matter. Advised Divya to go to court.

Facebook become a problem even Mark Zuckerberg can not solve

The court accepted that this idea was Narendra's
Narendra and Winklevoss reached the court. In 2008, Zuckerberg compromised with them. It is believed that in this agreement he was given an amount of 650 lakh dollars. However Narendra was not satisfied with this. His argument was that he was not given compensation according to the market price of Facebook's shares at that time. But with the decision of the US court, it was decided that the idea of ​​Facebook, the world's largest social networking site, was of Divya Narendra. .

divya family

Now runs a big company by the name of SameZero
He and Alap started SameZero company. This company is a platform where professional investors work on funds, mutual funds and private equity funds. In this, various types of investment ideas and networks are shared among themselves. After that Samejiro took a big leap and expanded. Now it has transformed into a big company of high level investment research. By the way, the interesting thing is that Narendra also has a Facebook account and he remains active on it also. He married Phoebe White, an American analyst, just a year ago.

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