Aaradhya proved that Bachchan's blood is in her veins, replied to those who trolled her mother!

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Aishwarya Rai has a very deep relationship with her daughter. The actress may be seen as an over-protective parent, but the sweet tune-up between them clearly shows the healthy relationship between mother and daughter. This is the reason why both are often seen roaming together. Even in Cannes, Aish is always seen with her daughter and once again she did the same. But this time a special thing related to Aaradhya's nature was also seen.

Usually Aishwarya is seen taking care of her daughter by holding her hand, but this time Aaradhya was seen taking care of her mother. Be it holding his mother's purse at the airport or taking her to the red carpet of Cannes, Junior Bachchan was seen behaving in a very mature manner this time.

When Aaradhya, who always felt proud of her mother, was seen at Mumbai airport during her return from Cannes, a very interesting thing was seen written on her sweatshirt. These were such words which were no less than a befitting reply to those people who left no stone unturned to troll Ash this time too. This style was similar to what every member of the Bachchan family has shown in the past in their ways of dealing with negative people. (All airport photos: Yogen Shah)

Why was Aishwarya Rai trolled?

This time Aishwarya Rai had chosen two very dramatic looks for Cannes. One of these was a black and white combination attire, which had big golden flowers on it, while the other gown was of blue and silver mixed color, whose USP was its upper spiky look. The way Aish carried these drama-filled outfits on the red carpet impressed her a lot.

However, there were some people who wasted no time in trolling the actress by making various comments targeting both her looks. But this did not make any difference to Aishwarya. In fact, he himself has issued a statement making it clear how amazing he finds his looks. (Photo Courtesy: AP)

Aish-Aaradhya returned from Cannes

After spreading their charm in Cannes, these star mother-daughter have returned to Mumbai. Here both of them were spotted in stylish look at the airport. Aish paired a printed long coat style shrug with black clothes, on which flowers and lining patterns could be seen. She was carrying an Italian luxury fashion gown and an expensive Gucci handbag.

Aaradhya's sweet-cool look seen

Aaradhya's sweet-cool look seen

As always, Aaradhya kept her airport look cool and comfortable. The starkid wore blue wide leg jeans and paired it with a white sweatshirt. Aish's darling completed her look with light pink sneakers and a hairband.

This thing was seen written on the sweatshirt

This thing was seen written on the sweatshirt

Although Aaradhya Bachchan's sweatshirt looked normal, what was written on it was quite attractive and meaningful. Actually, there was a red heart on the chest part of this top, in the middle of which 'Mas Amor Por Favor' was written in Spanish. When we searched it on the internet, its meaning came out to be 'More Love Please'.

Amidst all the hatred from the trollers, coming forward wearing a sweatshirt with this message written on it, it seemed as if Aaradhya was giving a message to the negative people without saying anything. Now whether you are really wondering about Aishwarya's beloved behind this or not, but this loving message of hers definitely felt like a silent slap on the face of the trollers.

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