5 emergency beauty hacks every girl should know

Ananya Shroff
3 Min Read

Many times it happens that while doing makeup we do not have some items or while doing hair styling our hair looks flat, or suddenly we have to go out but our hair is very oily. In such situations some small hacks are very useful.

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These are such hacks for which you need very few things. But with their help, the look can be enhanced in such a way that not only will your beauty increase but you will always look ready.

Concealer with moisturizer

If you do not have a foundation and want to do makeup, then you can mix concealer in a hydrated moisturizer and apply it as a foundation base. Apply it with a beauty blender and set it. This base will also give smooth coverage to your skin. You can do the rest of the makeup on top of it.

This way you can get a foundation-like finish

dry shampoo

If you don't have time or you are traveling somewhere, you can use instant dry shampoo to give your hair a freshly washed hair look. This will give instant shine and thickness to your hair.

Dry shampoo will freshen up your hair and lipstick will make your cheeks pink

Create a creamy blusher look with lipstick

If you don't have blush or eyeshadow, mix coconut oil into your pink or red lipstick and use it as a blusher. If you want a lighter shade, add a little liquid foundation or BB/CC cream to this mixture.

Set your eyebrows with petroleum jelly

You can use petroleum jelly to set your eyebrows and eyelashes. This will give you a clean and sharp look like you can get with eyeshadow or an eyebrow brush.

Useful hacks for eyebrows and eyes

Useful hacks for eyebrows and eyes

Eyeshadow with mascara and lip balm

If you have forgotten to carry eyeshadow, then use a kajal pencil. Make dots with kajal on the upper part of the eyelids and then smudge them with your finger. If you want a shiny touch and a light tint, then you can also use lip balm.

Your hair will become curly/wavy overnight

Your hair will become curly/wavy overnight

Hair braids for natural curls

Every girl should know this beauty hack to get natural curls. For this, wash your hair at night and dry them halfway. Then braid the hair in big columns. Then open your hair the next day, untangle it with your fingers and then set the curls with hair spray.

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