Is the water in the tank getting hot in this scorching heat? This solution will have double benefit

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Who wouldn't love to take a bath in this scorching heat? Especially if you get cold water, it is great. However, even if you use tank water, you will hardly be able to muster the courage to take a bath. This is because the tank water remains extremely hot in the scorching sun. If you turn on the shower to take a bath, as soon as the stream of boiling water falls on you, you will scream in frustration. You will feel as if someone has turned on the geyser. Most Delhiites must have had a similar experience at this time when the cold water coming out of the taps becomes almost boiling hot. This happens due to the scorching sun.

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In summer the water in the tank starts boiling

In Delhi-NCR, the temperature in this month of June is 45 degrees or even more. In such a situation, plastic water tanks kept on the roofs are exposed to temperatures of more than 45 degrees Celsius throughout the day. Due to this, the water in the tank starts boiling. In such a situation, if you go to use water directly from the tank, you will hardly be able to muster the courage to touch it. In such a situation, people adopt different methods to get cold water. Some people keep water in drums and buckets. Some people keep the water in an AC room to cool it.

You can keep water cool in such a tank

Traditionally, homes and buildings had concrete tanks on their roofs. However, these have now been replaced by synthetic tanks. The former retain more heat than the latter. This is why tap water is too hot even in the early morning when the mercury regularly crosses the 45-degree Celsius mark. People keep devising plans to deal with the problem of overheating of water tanks in summer. They even keep the tank covered. However, this does not help much.

The expert told in which tank the water stays cool

To prevent the water tank from heating up, Deepti Ranjan Sahu, professor of civil engineering at IIT Delhi, suggests insulation. This can be a tank jacket made of ultra-violet-resistant materials such as foam and fiberglass. However, it can be very expensive. It is better to keep the tank in the shade or any other safe place as it is an economical option. Deepti Ranjan Sahu said that if it is not possible to shift the tank to another place, then its impact can be reduced by building a shady structure over it. This will not only keep the water cool but will also increase the life of the tank because materials like fiberglass and plastic get damaged after being exposed to sunlight for a long time.

Covering the tank will provide relief

According to LR Subramaniam, professor of materials science engineering at IIT-Delhi, another option is to use local resources such as paddy and wheat straw. Placing thick jute bags around the tank prevents direct sunlight. Painting the tank with reflective paint also helps reduce radiative heat. Subramaniam said that water stays cool because of the gaps in the material from which the clay pots are made. Water stored in such pots expands and moistens the outer surface, from where it evaporates, absorbing heat in the process and cooling the water inside.

The water tank should be kept in a shady place

Anil Haritash, head of environmental engineering at Delhi Technological University, suggested that storing water in 100-litre indoor tanks could be an easy solution. He said water from overhead tanks can be transferred to smaller, medium tanks for 2-3 hours until it cools down. These tanks can be placed near rooms, kitchens and toilets. However, the flow in taps will not be as powerful due to low gravity. Experts believe that installing solar panels on top of the tanks would be a good, practical and eco-friendly option. As Haritash pointed out, investing in solar panels offers the dual benefit of providing shade for your tank and generating clean energy. The fancy insulation approach may not be environmentally friendly and may also contribute to carbon emissions.

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