18th Lok Sabha List (PDF): Download the list of MPs elected to 18th Lok Sabha

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New Delhi: The results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 have come out. The people of the country have elected their representatives for five years. The results show that the NDA government is being formed for the third time. This will be the 18th Lok Sabha. On Wednesday, the President dissolved the 17th Lok Sabha. Along with this, the government has also released the gazette of the complete list of 543 MPs from across the country. These are the same 543 members who will represent their respective Lok Sabha constituencies in Parliament for the next five years. You can download the list of all the MPs elected for the 18th Lok Sabha from here.

When did the voting take place?
The 18th Lok Sabha began on 19 April 2024 and these elections were held in a total of seven phases. The last phase of voting took place on 1 June 2024. The election results were declared on 4 June 2024. Voting was held for 543 Lok Sabha seats in this election. This time, out of a total of 968 million eligible voters, 642 million people exercised their franchise, including 312 million women, which was the highest participation of women in history so far.

Download the list of all Lok Sabha MPs from here

How were the results of the Lok Sabha elections?

The results of the Lok Sabha elections were declared on Tuesday. In these results, the Bharatiya Janata Party won 240 seats and its NDA alliance got a total of 293 seats, due to which they were successful in forming the government. At the same time, the Indi alliance of the Congress Party and its allies won 234 seats.

See which MP is from which seat

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