You will not be embarrassed about dark knees and elbows, take care of these things

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You too must be facing this problem that when you wear half sleeves or shorts, your hands and legs are clearly visible, but the part of the elbow and knee looks dark separately. Because of this, sometimes we feel a little embarrassed. But why are only these two parts dark except the rest of our body?
This happens because we forget to take care of those parts which are out of our sight. These include knees and elbows and if their skin is taken care of properly then you will not have to worry about them turning black. So you have to take care of these things told by us.

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It is very important to exfoliate from time to time to remove the dead cells accumulated on the knees and elbows, for which you can use a scrub. If you want, you can make a scrub with sugar and honey, curd and gram flour or oats and milk and exfoliate the darkened part.


When our skin becomes dry, dead cells accumulate at that place, due to which the bend of the knee and elbow becomes dark. In such a situation, it is important that you apply moisturizer on that area regularly 2-3 times a day. If you want, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera gel or any good moisturizing cream. Also, do not forget to apply moisturizer before sleeping at night.

Take help of home remedies

Take help of home remedies

Many types of home remedies are effective for many skin problems, so we are going to tell you about some such remedies, with the help of which you will easily get rid of the blackness of knees and elbows. You can rub potato juice or squeezed lemon peel on these parts.

Use a mask

Use a mask

If you want, you can also prepare a homemade mask to remove the blackness of knees and elbows. If you are not able to understand which mask to use, then prepare a mask at home with the help of tomato and sugar and then use it. This will remove the blackness and also nourish the skin.

Keep these things in mind too

Keep these things in mind too

To prevent the skin from getting dry, it is most important that you keep drinking water and keep yourself hydrated. Apart from this, the skin gets tanned by going out in the sun, so whenever you go out of the house, apply sunscreen. If you are thinking of applying a tube, then first consult a doctor and only then use any kind of medicine.

(Disclaimer: This article is for your information. Also remember that everyone's skin is different, so do not forget to do a patch test before adopting any remedy. If your skin is sensitive or you have any kind of allergy, then talk to a skin specialist first. Use anything on your skin only as per their advice.)

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