You will be surprised to see Rajkumar Rao's Gajagamini walk, how the actor imitated Aditi Rao

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Currently, while the 'Gajgamini Walk' video of 'Heermandi' actress Aditi Rao Hydari, who reached the Cannes Film Festival, is in the news, now a similar video of 'Mr' Rajkumar Rao is also in the news. 'Ant Mrs Mahi' is making people laugh a lot. Aditi Rar Hydari did 'Gajgamini Walk' in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's web series 'Hiramandi'. This funny video is being discussed a lot on social media. However, now Rajkumar Rao's 'Gajgamini Walk' video is making people laugh. This video has been shared by none other than 'Mr.' And 'Mrs. Mahi' actress Janhvi Kapoor, in which she herself is seen with Rajkummar Rao.

Both the actors are seen entering the field to enjoy cricket.

These days, Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao are very busy in the promotion of their upcoming film 'Mr.' And Mrs. Mahi. Both are continuously traveling to different places for the promotion of the film. This latest video has been shared by Janhvi Kapoor on Instagram, in which both the actors are seen entering the field to enjoy cricket. However, seeing Rajkumar Rao's actions you will understand that he is in no mood to play cricket.

Janhvi shared Rajkumar Rao's Gajagamini walk video

Sharing this video, Janhvi Kapoor wrote in the caption – Our very own Gajagamini walk. In this video, Janhvi is seen walking with a bat in her hands in addition to cricket pads and cap. At first it seems that Raj Kumar Rao is imitating her and then he turns and walks towards the camera, crosses the ball placed on the ground below but does not bend down. This video of Rajkumar Rao is now making people laugh a lot on social media. People are seen saying that this is the real Gajagamini walk.

A look at Aditi Raad Hydari's 'Gajgamini Walk'

People said- RCB lost because of you

Now people are commenting a lot for Rajkumar Rao. One said- RCB has lost today because of you. One even said that she is pregnant? Or is there something else? One said- Give him a pad, see how his behavior changes. Some people are calling her – Malaika ma'am, Malaika ma'am and are remembering this step of Malaika Arora.

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