Without counting the sixth phase, they are winning 300 to 310 seats, understand the math behind Amit Shah's claim.

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New Delhi: Six phases of voting for the Lok Sabha elections have been completed. Voting for the seventh and final phase will be held on May 1. BJP has been claiming to cross 400 from the beginning. At the same time, the leaders of the opposition alliance India are saying that on June 4, BJP's days will be over and their government will be formed. Meanwhile, Home Minister Amit Shah has said that they have got enough majority to form the government in the first five phases. He expressed his opinion on issues ranging from unemployment, Manipur violence to Kashmir. The Home Minister claimed that BJP is getting a clear majority this time too and they are going to form a strong government.'Majority was achieved in just five phases'
In an interview to the Indian Express, Home Minister Amit Shah said, we have achieved the majority figure to form the government in the first five phases itself. He said, we are between 300 and 310… this does not include the sixth phase… we are in a comfortable position. This time we went to the people with a track record of 10 years and a powerful positive agenda of 25 years.

How is this election different from 2019?
When asked how Amit Shah's campaign in 2024 is different from the 2019 campaign, he said, “I have travelled all over India. Except Ladakh, I have been to every state, every Union Territory… In 2019, there was a feeling among people that the country needs a decisive government, a decisive leader and the fact that what Modi is doing is good – all three have paid off. In 2024, there is a feeling that this is the way to make India a great nation. A self-confidence has taken hold. For any nation, the collective confidence of its people is the reason for the nation's growth. There is also the collective resolve of 130 crore people. PM Modi has aroused both by framing it as Amrit Mahotsav. All the children who will grow up in the next 30 years have this determination and belief that India can do it. I think this is a huge achievement for the country. You will find countless reasons to explain the mandate but the most important reason will be the belief of the people that the path the country is on is the right one.”

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'There should not be a leader without ideology'
Regarding the continuing uncertainty over the election results, Amit Shah said, “I think a large section of the media still does not accept us (BJP) and the ecosystem of which you are a part. There should be no political leader without ideology and there should be no journalist with ideology. It is exactly the opposite. Journalists have ideology and leaders are without ideology.”

When asked which party or leader is ideology-less today, he said that it is the job of the media to find out, ask them about their ideology. Our ideology is in front of everyone. They (Congress) are the same people who ran a stable government for years and now they are talking about a coalition government. Is a stable government not mandatory in the Constitution? A stable government makes the country strong, increases India's reach and prestige in the world.

What did Amit Shah say on the issue of unemployment?
On the issue of unemployment, Amit Shah said, 'Unfortunately people have linked employment with government jobs, not just jobs but government jobs. It is impossible for any government to provide jobs to everyone in a population of 130 crore. Unfortunately some people are spreading confusion. 1.17 lakh start-ups have been started, take an average of five people per start-up, does this not create employment? 47 crore people have got Mudra loans for self-employment. 85 lakh street vendors have got Swanidhi loans, their guarantor is Modi. The total amount of Mudra loans is around Rs 27.75 lakh crore. Does this not create employment? I checked their NPA, 99.5% have no NPA. The unemployment rate in 2016-17 was 6.1 percent, in 2023 it is 3.3 percent.'

Amit Shah further said, 'Manmohan Singh government had left an infrastructure budget of Rs 4 lakh crore, Modi increased it to Rs 11.80 lakh crore. This kind of spending will create jobs. From 75 airports to 150, doesn't this create jobs? But no one counts them. Our speed in building roads has increased manifold, the same has happened in the case of railways. We have laid 22,000 km of transmission line in the first seven years. Doesn't this create jobs?

Taking a dig at the Congress, the Home Minister said, Rahul Gandhi says that this government is a government of five billionaires, in fact it was the same during their (Congress) time. During their time, there were 2.22 crore demat accounts, these are the accounts in which the benefits of industrial development are received. Today we have 15 crore demat accounts. These 13 crore people must be earning something or the other. During their time, our market cap was Rs 85 lakh crore, today it is Rs 500 lakh crore, the profit made from here was distributed in demat accounts.

On the question of fewer vacancies in government jobs, the Home Minister said, 'There will be a change in the path we are moving on… Many of the 13 crore people who have come into the market will not need to take any exam. If someone gets a job in a solar company, he does not need to take any exam. It will take time.' He further said, 'BJP will get the maximum votes among the youth, listen to me. I have come after contesting elections.

Why is there so much bitterness between the government and the opposition?
When asked why there is so much bitterness between the ruling party and the opposition, Amit Shah replied that in my opinion, the behavior of the Congress has changed after Rahul Gandhi joined the party, after that the level of politics has fallen. Look at the reasons for boycotting Parliament in the last 20 years. They find excuses to get out of Parliament. There have been many such incidents in the past, due to which boycott has happened and that boycott was also for a few days. I have never seen that the Prime Minister is responding to the President's address and you continuously interrupt it for one and a half hours. He is the Prime Minister because the people of the country have given him this mandate, you are insulting not Narendra Modi but the constitutional system. Regarding the changing image of Rahul Gandhi, Amit Shah said, 'My view does not matter in this matter. I believe that whoever is thoughtful, thinks seriously, deserves the welcome of the country.

What did you say on the suspension of MPs?
On the issue of suspending opposition leaders from the House and disqualifying Rahul Gandhi, Amit Shah said, MPs were suspended because they did not allow Parliament to function, while disqualification is a judicial process. If the court sentences them, should they get special facilities? The day the court banned them, they returned to Parliament the very next day. This is the law, they have brought this law, not us.

'The public will decide what kind of opposition it will be'
He again reiterated that the people of the country will decide who and how many people will be in the opposition, this is what our constitution says. When he was asked that you have publicly talked about Congress-free India. Is it good for the country? In response to this, Amit Shah said, 'Whenever I say Congress-free India, I say it in the context of ideology. But now that (ideology) is also not there (in Congress). Amit Shah said that I believe, a strong opposition is good for the country. But the public will decide this. We cannot make it.

Why are the people of the country choosing Modi?
When asked if people are choosing BJP due to lack of good leadership in the opposition, Amit Shah replied, the weakness of the opposition has nothing to do with the Prime Minister's mission towards the nation. There are countless reasons why he is so popular. From raising the standard of living of 60 crore people in 10 years, to empowering them by giving them houses, toilets, water, Rs 5 lakh insurance scheme, 5 kg grain, gas cylinders… Modiji has tried to build self-confidence and self-determination. Helped. The day Corona was identified, Prime Minister Modi decided on a vaccine mission using technology to protect 132 crore people. Elsewhere in advanced countries, the fight against Corona faltered because there the government was fighting, while here the government and the people were fighting together.

'It is not necessary for BJP to contest elections in Jammu and Kashmir'
Regarding the increase in voting in Jammu and Kashmir, Amit Shah said, 'I expected this and said the same in Parliament. Now no one remembers the 'Jammu and Kashmir Constitution', 'Jammu and Kashmir Flag'. On the question of BJP contesting elections in Kashmir, he said, contesting elections in Kashmir does not hold much importance for the BJP. For 70 years, due to wrong policies, there was a demand to declare a large part of India independent from India. It is over, that's all that matters to us. For you, the important question may be why the BJP did not contest the elections. For 70 years, due to wrong policies, such a large part of India was plagued by terror and violence. Look at the result of a strong PM and government. There was a demand for independence here, now this demand is there (in Pakistan), stone pelting used to happen here, now it is happening there. You have to accept this, even those who thought those policies were right.

Answer given to the allegations of changing the constitution
Regarding the allegations of changing the Constitution and ending reservation, the Home Minister said, 'Some people and Rahul Gandhi consider it an issue, no one else does. Everyone knows this. We have been in power for 10 years and we had the numbers. If we had to do this, we would have done it. We used our absolute majority to remove Article 370, 35A, end terrorism, end Naxalism, build Ram Temple and bring change in the lives of 60 crore people. This is how we have used our absolute majority. During Indira Gandhi's time, Congress had absolute majority, they used it to impose emergency and put 1.30 lakh people in jail and decide what editorials will run in newspapers. This is not the history of our party, this is the history of Rahul Gandhi's party. Who is he to preach to us?

Why did the Prime Minister not go to Manipur?
On the Manipur issue, Amit Shah said, 'The violence in Manipur is neither terrorism nor communal, it is ethnic violence. The road to end it is long because restoring trust between the two communities – which has been lost due to some incidents, is a time-consuming process. Due to the elections, statements are coming from both the Kuki and Meitei sides, which are derailing the process. So we will talk about this after the elections.' On the question of PM not going to Manipur, he said, 'I am the Prime Minister's representative and whatever is happening there comes under my ministry. The Prime Minister is constantly and closely monitoring it.

What did you say on the question of 75 years of age?
On the issue of 75 years of age in BJP, Amit Shah said, 'First of all, there are no such rules. Some decisions were taken in a particular situation, when that situation did not exist, so those rules were not there. I will make it clear that even in 2029, the Prime Minister will lead us.'

When asked that most people believe that your vote share is going to increase in the South. Even if you get a chance for the third time, what is the expectation from delimitation? Amit Shah replied, We have already said that there will be no injustice to the South after delimitation. We have to find ways for this. I have given a statement in Parliament.

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