Will Rahul Dravid become the coach of Team India again? He confirmed it himself, said- I am ready for this post…

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New Delhi. The tenure of the current coach of the Indian team, Rahul Dravid, is till the T20 World Cup 2024. The BCCI has issued applications for the new coach. However, nothing has been clarified by the BCCI yet as to who will be the next head coach. Meanwhile, Rahul Dravid himself has also confirmed that he will not coach for India in the future. This World Cup will be his last season.

Rahul Dravid said, “Every tournament is important. Every match I have coached is very important for me. This will be my last match, so nothing will be different for me here. I enjoyed doing my job. Coaching the Indian team was good for me. I enjoyed working with the team. There is a great group of boys here. Due to my schedule, I think I will not be able to apply for this position again.”

Gambhir can become the next coach
If Gautam Gambhir is made the coach of Team India, it will only benefit the Indian team. He has experience of playing 147 ODIs, 58 Tests and 37 T20 International matches. He has played more than 500 domestic matches. This is a plus point for Gautam Gambhir. He knows the young players coming from different states very well. He is also in touch with many of those players. Perhaps no one can understand our cricket structure better than him.

first published : June 4, 2024, 07:36 IST

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