Will not be able to use Jackie Shroff or 'Bhidu', Delhi HC ruled

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A few days ago, Jackie Shroff had approached the Delhi High Court on the use of the word 'Bhidu' under 'Protection of Personality and Publicity Rights'. Now the decision has come on this. The court has passed the order and restrained several social media accounts, artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots as well as e-commerce websites from misusing the actor's name, voice and his image. In an interim order passed on May 15, Justice Sanjiv Narula also ordered removal of links that were obscene and used Jackie Shroff's name. The Court held that being a celebrity confers certain rights on the actor and that some people have used his name, image, voice and some of his characteristics without his permission, thereby infringing his personality and publicity rights.

Court's decision came in favor of Jackie Shroff

The court also issued notices to several people, including a restaurant owner named 'Bhidu', a GIF-making platform accused of violating Jackie Shroff's personality rights and misusing his personality. , Additionally, the court also refused to direct removal of the video titled 'Jackie Shroff is Savage, Jackie Shroff Thug Life' posted on a YouTube channel named 'Thugesh'.

What was in Jackie Shroff's petition?

Let us tell you that in his petition, the actor had demanded protection of the names Jackie Shroff, Jackie, Jaggu Dada and Bhidu and said that their names cannot be used on any platform without his permission. He had argued that many social media companies, stores, social media handles as well as AI tools are using their features without authorization and such unauthorized use is not only earning money but also creating confusion. Are. And damaging their reputation.

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