Wife's favorite party lost the election? It is better to keep your mouth shut on these 4 things

Ananya Shroff
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The results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 have come out. In many states, such results have come out which no one had expected. Even many star candidates have faced defeat. In such a situation, the voters who voted for them have also been disappointed.

There is no doubt that politics and elections are two such issues that are deeply ingrained not only in the corridors of politics but also in every household. In such a situation, the atmosphere of the house also seems to be greatly affected by these things. If your wife had voted for someone and that candidate has lost this time, then to maintain peace in the family, you should avoid saying certain things and reacting to them. Let us tell you what these things are. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@smritiiraniofficial)

slanted face

Your wife's face looks sad? You know the reason behind it very well. So don't go after her and say, 'Hey, he was just a candidate, why are you so sad?' Such things will upset her even more.

not getting food on time

Is the reason for not getting the food ready on time because of a bad mood? Or are things not happening as they used to? Then it's okay. Let things go on like this for a day or two. Instead, it would be better if you take the burden of these responsibilities on yourself. This will give him more time to express his feelings.

I don't feel like going anywhere

I don't feel like going anywhere

Going out somewhere is the best option to improve your mood, but do not force her to do so. If your wife does not feel like going out, then it is okay. You can order her favorite dish or ice cream at home.

Comments on the party

Comments on the party

Avoid making any kind of comment about the party or the candidate. Even a small comment can take a big form. Even a single word can provoke a quarrel. It is better to keep your thoughts to yourself, especially as long as the wife is a little angry about the defeated candidate.

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