Why sometimes suddenly bad smell comes from nose and mouth, the reason can be serious, treat it like this

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Smell from Mouth and Nose: Usually, if our mouth is clean, it does not cause any smell or odor, but sometimes you might have noticed that a bad smell starts coming from behind the mouth or nose. Especially when air is pulled upward. This smell is very pungent. When this happens it becomes difficult to breathe. Although it also goes away easily. Therefore, when you go to the doctor, he will usually send you away without giving you any medicine. Because it is difficult to identify. But here we will tell you why sometimes bad smell starts coming from the mouth or nose.

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Why does the smell come?
In the DailyMail report Dr. Eli Answering this, she says that trillions of microorganisms keep moving around us. Countless of these bacteria enter our mouth. Most of the microorganisms are destroyed by the systems in our mouth and nose like saliva, enzymes etc. With this we remain protected from diseases. However, despite all this, some bacteria, fungus etc. still enter the mouth. When they settle in the back of your mouth or nose for several days and then some of them start dying, it gives off a very foul smell. This is a very uncomfortable situation. These bacteria or microorganisms also enter inside your nose, throat, tonsils and sinuses. If there are too many of them and only two or three are left then it causes cold and cough.

what is the treatment
Dr. Ellie says that it has a very simple treatment but generally we ignore it. He said that when foul smell starts coming from your throat or nose, you should immediately gargle with salt and lukewarm water. Doing this two-three times a day will eliminate this smell. But even after this, if the smell is still there then you can take antibiotics. However, antibiotics should not be taken without doctor's advice. Apart from all this, it is important to clean the mouth and nose thoroughly in case of bad smell. For this you use Steam. By taking steam, the mouth and nasal passages will be cleared and all the bacteria that may be lurking somewhere will be eliminated.

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