Why did Ricky Ponting reject the offer to become the head coach of the Indian team? BCCI contacted, these veterans also joined the race

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Ricky Ponting is the head coach of Delhi Capitals in IPL Ponting said he had been approached to become the coach.

New Delhi. Former Australian batsman Ricky Ponting has revealed that he was approached for the post of head coach of the Indian team. But he rejected this offer. Ponting said that it does not fit into his 'lifestyle' right now. Ponting, who recently completed 7 seasons as the head coach of Delhi Capitals, has previously been Australia's interim T20 coach. He did not say whether any suggestion had come from BCCI for the post of Indian coach or not.

Ricky Ponting told the ICC, 'During the IPL, there were some face-to-face conversations to find out if I was interested in this position. I would love to become the senior coach of the national team. I have other things in my life and I want to spend some time at home. Everyone knows that if you work with the Indian team, you cannot join the IPL team. Also, being the national head coach is a job of 10 or 11 months a year, and as much as I want to do it, it does not fit into my lifestyle and the things I really like to do.

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'Son is ready to come to India'
Ponting said that he discussed the offer with his son and he seemed ready to come to India. He said, 'My family and my children have spent the last five weeks with me in the IPL and they come here every year and I told my son about it. I said, 'Papa has been offered a job as the Indian coach' and he said, 'Accept it Papa, we would love to go there for the next few years.' How much he likes living there and the culture of cricket in India. Right now it probably doesn't fit completely into my lifestyle.

Langer, Fleming and Gambhir also in the race
Some other high profile names like Chennai Super Kings head coach Stephen Fleming, Lucknow Super Giants head coach Justin Langer and Kolkata Knight Riders mentor Gautam Gambhir are also being seen as potential candidates. Rahul Dravid will step down as head coach after India's T20 World Cup campaign next month. The BCCI has set May 27 as the last date for submission of applications.

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