Why did Gautam look serious in IPL? Was he preparing to become the Indian coach? He hit multiple targets with one arrow

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New Delhi. Did Gautam Gambhir start preparing to become the Indian coach even before IPL 2024 started? This is being said because the first things that come to mind as soon as Gambhir is mentioned are his being the top scorer in the World Cup final, making KKR the IPL champion and clashing with anyone from Shahid Afridi to Virat Kohli on the field. Yes, the analysis of Gambhir's career is not complete without controversy. But if we talk about IPL 2024, then this time there is no controversy in Gambhir's name. For the first time, no matter how hot it was inside the field, Gautam remained 'Gambhir' in the dugout.

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The journey from Lucknow to Kolkata has changed a lot
When Gautam Gambhir returned to Kolkata Knight Riders, he not only gave a new approach to the team, but he himself also looked completely changed. Let's talk about a year ago, it's not been long. When Gambhir was the mentor of Lucknow Supergiants in IPL 2023, a controversy arose during the match against Royal Challengers Bangalore. During the match, there was an altercation between Lucknow's Afghan fast bowler Naveen Ul Haq and RCB's Virat Kohli. Gambhir, who was sitting outside, lost his temper over this fight between the two players. When the match ended, he moved towards Virat Kohli in a very angry mood. It was good that fellow players pulled Gambhir away and the controversy was avoided from escalating.

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Gambhir out of the team under Dhoni's captaincy
And the matter does not end here. Gambhir has reportedly shown the middle finger to those who chant Kohli-Kohli. Whenever the World Cup 2011 and Dhoni were mentioned, Gambhir always lodged his complaint. He kept saying on every platform that one person was made bigger than the team. Incidentally, Gambhir's career also went downhill under Dhoni's captaincy. After this, when he tried to make a comeback, the captain was Virat Kohli. His attempt to make a comeback failed and in the end he had to retire disappointed. A large section of cricket fans still believe that this is also one of the reasons for Gambhir's criticism of Dhoni and Virat, which he can never accept.

No spice was given to the media on the Rana issue
Well, the Gambhir who can fight with his teammates for the Afghan pacer from Lucknow, sits quietly in the dugout after coming to KKR. It is not that there was nothing that happened during his stay in KKR that was enough to infuriate Gambhir. Even the fine imposed on Harshit Rana for giving a flying kiss as a farewell would have been enough to infuriate the 'old Gambhir'. But after returning to KKR, Gambhir did not give any such reaction on this matter, which would have benefited the media.

Cleared up old misunderstandings
But it is not that Gautam Gambhir has controlled his reactions. He no longer reacts to the heat on the field, but waits for the match to end and the result to come. Not only this, by hugging Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, Gauti has also healed those wounds which the world was always desperate to lick. After hugging Gauti, Kohli also said that this has reduced the spice that some people look for on and off the field.

Gautam Gambhir and Rohit Sharma. (AFP)

The image changed within a year
There is no doubt that Gambhir's image has changed a lot in this one year. On one hand, he proved himself to be an excellent mentor by making KKR the champion again, and on the other hand, he has opened his doors for Team India by 'befriending' a current star like Virat Kohli. Cricket lovers know that now Indian cricket is in that era where the appointment of the coach is also done with the consent of the captain. We all have seen how the board was not able to retain Anil Kumble as the coach even after the consent of the committee of Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman. The disagreement of the then captain Virat Kohli outweighed the consent of all these. In such a situation, it would be a mistake to assume that Rohit Sharma will not be consulted in the selection of the new coach of the Indian team. From the trolls who promote the different factions of Virat and Rohit in Team India to cricket experts, everyone knows very well how much these two legends of the Indian team support each other when needed. Obviously, Gautam Gambhir has hit many targets with one arrow by winning the title for KKR as a mentor. And this did not happen suddenly. Gautam had already made serious preparations for this.

The last date for application for the Indian coach has passed. However, BCCI has not yet disclosed who all have applied for this post. But believe me, no matter how many people have applied, there will be no more serious applicant than Gautam.

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