Why are these machines being installed on the track of bullet train, the speed will be decided by this?

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Railway Minister has talked about running bullet train in 2026.
For this, Railways is now installing safety equipment.
The job of these machines is to understand the direction of the wind.

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New Delhi. Ever since the announcement of running Bullet Trains in the country, every person has been waiting with bated breath. Another big update has come regarding the Bullet Train Project. Railways has started deploying special machines on the path of the bullet train being built between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. These machines are controlling the direction of the wind and on the basis of this it will be decided at what speed this high speed train can be run.

In fact, recently Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav had said that we will run the bullet train in the year 2026. Work on this track is going on very fast. In this series, National High Speed ​​Rail Corp has started installing advanced wind speed monitoring system on the path of bullet train. Its purpose is to test the wind speed on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Route.

…then the speed of the train will decrease
You will understand the need of this machine from the fact that this machine tests the wind speed and if the wind speed remains in the range of 72 to 130 kilometers per hour then the speed of the bullet train will also reduce. That means the speed of this stormy train will be decided according to the range specified by this machine.

This will determine the safety of the train
Railways is installing safety equipment on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed ​​Rail Corridor. It will measure the direction and speed of the winds blowing towards the corridor. For this, the corporation has prepared a plan to install such machines at 14 places on the 508 kilometer corridor.

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The track will pass through dense trees then…
Experts say that the bullet train will pass through dense trees and greenery on the Mumbai to Ahmedabad route, where the air pressure may be high. In such a situation, it can pose a risk to the speed as well as safety of the train. Keeping this in mind, Railways is installing wind relief devices i.e. anemometers and a total of 14 devices will be installed.

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