Why are stars protecting their personalities? Jackie Shroff's demand after Big B, Anil Kapoor!

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After Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan and 'Jhakkas' Anil Kapoor, now 'Bhidu' Jackie Shroff has approached the court demanding his personality and publicity rights. Jaggu Dada has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court demanding a ban on the misuse of his name, photo, voice as well as the famous catchphrase 'Bhidu'. Jackie has filed this case against organizations and platforms making objectionable GIFs/memes for using her picture or voice for their financial gain without her permission. Earlier, Anil Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan have also taken the help of the court to protect their personality rights. Although it has become common to copy film stars and use their photos, style and dialogues in one's own way, but for some time now, Bollywood stars seem to be more serious about their personality. In such a situation, the question arises that why are these stars suddenly taking such a step? And whose problems is this going to increase?

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Saying 'Bhidu' like Jackie Shroff will be expensive! Actor files suit in High Court for use without consent

After 'Computer Ji', 'Jhakkas', now 'Bhidu' has also been locked.

Before Jackie Shroff, last year, on the petition of 'Ram's 'Lakhan' Anil Kapoor, the court had given his photo, name, voice, nickname AK, 'Lakhan', 'Mr India', 'Majnu Bhai' and the names of film characters like . without permission. ', 'Nayak' and 'Jhakkas' were banned. Anil had also demanded protection from misuse of technology like AI, deepfakes, computer generated graphics (CGI).


Photo: Anil Kapoor Instagram

At the same time, in 2022, Big B had approached the court to protect his personality rights, on which the court banned him from using his name, voice, photo and famous dialogues of KBC like 'Computer ji and lock it' without his permission. Had closed. But it was banned. That means, if you use the pictures, voice, style or dialogue of these stars without their permission, then you may have to pay a heavy fine.

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Stars demanded personality rights due to these 3-4 reasons

By the way, people are also surprised that why are these Bollywood superstars suddenly forcing people not to copy them? But many important reasons for this have emerged. For example, many small and big companies earn profits by using the photos and voices of stars without their permission and selling their products, which is wrong. For example, Big B took this step to stop a jewelery company from using his photo unofficially. Apart from this, people are also being misled by selling fake lotteries on the lines of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' through his photo and voice. Then the court had ordered to remove those online links.

Apart from this, there is also a threat of fake videos, AI generated misleading content, deepfakes etc. in the digital age, due to which celebrities are legally protecting their personality rights. For example, Jackie Shroff's lawyer said that objectionable gifs/memes have been made through his picture. Earlier, Anil Kapoor's lawyer had also talked about selling goods in an unauthorized manner and collecting fees by using his photograph, tampering with his photograph in a derogatory manner and selling fake autographs and photographs by writing 'Jhakaas'. Recently, deepfake videos of actors like Rashmika Mandanna, Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna also went viral.

big b photo

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Will mimicry and comedy actors be a hit?

Big B, Anil Kapoor and Jaggu Dada are also favorites of mimicry artists. Many comedians and mimicry artists earn their living by imitating them. What effect will this decision have on them? In this regard, Virag Gupta says, 'This will not apply to mimicry, criticism and satire. Of course, these artists have taken orders from the court to stop using their voice and style, but healthy criticism or mimicry is another person's creative right. They are not doing any fraud that I am saying Big B or Anil Kapoor. They are saying that if I am copying them then I can't stop it. It is true that if the other person is making financial profits from their show then these celebrities can demand a share or if the mimicry is objectionable then they can file a defamation case against them.


Sanket Bhosle, Photo: YouTube

Well, nowadays celebrities are getting hurt by the obscene comedy of some comedians. For example, recently Karan Johar had described comedian Ketan Singh's mimicry as bad and obscene. Govinda was angry with nephew Krishna's comedy, in such a situation, on the decision related to personality rights of actors, comedian Dr. Sanket Bhosle says, 'Bachchan Sahab, Jaggu Dada, Anil Kapoor Sahab are such big stars that their style has been copied by the entire country. . The style of these heroes is always followed. We imitate people to keep them happy. My wife Sugandha and I have never disappointed anyone with our mimicry and no one has raised any objection to our content. We have been talking only about family centric things.

Sunil Pal said this

Meanwhile, comedian Sunil Pal says, 'The public loves the style of these celebs, their style and dialogue delivery. We mimic artists are also their fans first of all, that is why we are able to mimic them. If we are stopped from this, it will be an insult to the art and the fans. It is through our imitation that their stardom increases and they get publicity.

What are personality rights?

Famous lawyer and cyber law expert Virag Gupta says, 'People have the right to privacy, liberty and life under Articles 19 (1) (A) and 21 of the Constitution. Moreover, intellectual rights like copyright, patent etc. are available under IPR laws. There is no separate provision like personality rights in the Constitution. Personality rights are rights related to the protection of an individual's personality. Since celebrities can make commercial profits by using their personalities, they need to register their individual rights. Such legal cases have been happening in America since 1890. In Britain, legal relief is available in such cases under common law. In the case of Amitabh Bachchan, Delhi High Court had ordered to ban the misuse and commercial use of his name, picture and voice. In Anil Kapoor's case, the court has allowed the use of the name on payment basis with restrictions. The court had also given a stay order in the case of superstar Rajinikanth.

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