Why are celebrities expected to give their opinion on every issue? Be happy enjoying her acting

Ronit Kawale
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According to a recent news, Indian stars like Alia Bhatt, Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra and Virat Kohli have been included in the 'Block List 2024'. In this way, these stars have become a part of this list along with international stars Nick Jonas, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift etc. Actually, this 'Block List' is a campaign being run on social media, under which an appeal is made to block those celebrities on social media who do not express their opinion on some important social and political matters.

People angry with the celebrities included in this list block their social media handles. Actually, those users believe that celebrities should use their popularity to bring any issue into discussion. The latest reason for resentment from celebrities is their not expressing their opinion on the Israel-Palestine issue.

Lack of knowledge about subjects other than one's own field

But the big question here is whether celebrities should be forced to give their opinion on every issue like this? Even though film celebrities play different types of characters on the silver screen, the truth is that they have very little knowledge about subjects other than their field. Of course, it is important for an actor to know how strong the script of the film is, how he can play his character better or how he can entertain the audience. But it is not necessary that he has so much knowledge about every incident happening in the country and the world that he can tell whether an incident is right or wrong.

It is meaningless to expect there to be a consensus on every issue.

It is obvious that due to their very tight shooting schedules, celebrities are so busy that sometimes they are not able to give time even to their families. In such a situation, it is meaningless to expect him to express his opinion on every issue.

Superstars had to suffer a lot

You may remember that some time ago Bollywood superstars like Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan had to suffer a lot due to expressing their opinion on political matters. They had to face huge opposition and people boycotted all their films. Actually, if a celebrity says something on a public platform, then it affects not only him but all the people associated with him. This includes everyone from the filmmakers who make films with him to the business groups who sign him in their advertisements. Then it is also said that one who is burnt by milk, drinks buttermilk very cautiously.

This is not correct at all

In such a situation, if you expect a celebrity to give his opinion on every issue, then it is not right at all. It would be better if you do not expect celebrities to give their opinion on every issue and enjoy their acting on the cinema screen.

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