Who is the real mastermind who massacred 130 people in Moscow? Putin took the name of this extremism, what will happen next

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Moscow. On March 22, four gunmen opened fire in a Moscow concert hall, killing at least 130 people. Although all the gunmen who carried out the attack were arrested, it was not yet revealed by the Russian government which organization was behind the incident. But now Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the attack in the Moscow concert hall was a terrorist attack and Islamic extremism was behind it. More than 140 people were also injured in this incident.

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Took name of Islamic extremism
Putin said that this massacre was carried out by extremists whose ideology has been related to the Islamic world for years. Earlier Putin had said that all four gunmen have been arrested. All four of them were running towards Ukraine. Although at the same time Islamic State had taken responsibility for this attack, Putin was not taking its name at that time. Although Putin still did not take the name of Islamic State, he said that what is more important is why these terrorists were trying to escape to Ukraine after carrying out the massacre. He also refused to tell who gave the orders to these gunmen.

attack during concert
After this horrific terrorist attack, Islamic State took responsibility for it. Then Putin had said that whoever is behind this attack, I swear that they will not be spared. He said that the incident is being investigated. When the attack took place, a concert by the band Picnic was going on at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow. This was a band of Soviet era only. Then 6200 people were present in the concert.

Attack just a few days after being elected President
This attack happened at a time when Vladimir Putin has been elected president for the fifth time. Initially Russia had blamed Ukraine for this attack but Ukraine completely rejected it, which was also supported by America. A few days ago, America had issued an advisory to its citizens and forbade them from attending any big function in Moscow. So far 11 people have been arrested in this incident.


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