Which certificate do Jaishankar and Rekha Sharma have in their hands, know the details

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New Delhi Voting took place on 7 seats in the sixth phase of Lok Sabha elections in Delhi. During this, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Rekha Sharma also cast their votes. The special thing was that both these celebrities tweeted their pictures after casting their votes. One thing was common in both the pictures. A certificate was also seen in the hands of both. Seeing the certificate, curiosity arose in the minds of many people. Both of them were given this certificate for being the first male voter and the first senior citizen voter at their designated polling stations.

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Jaishankar, Rekha Sharma posted a photo

After casting his vote for the sixth phase, Jaishankar showed his inked finger on the social media platform X, highlighting that he was the first male voter at the booth. Jaishankar was also given a certificate by the Election Commission for being the first voter of his booth. At the same time, National Commission for Women Chairperson Rekha Sharma also posted her picture on social media after voting at her booth. Rekha Sharma was the first senior citizen to vote at her booth. She also got a certificate for this. Rekha Sharma wrote in her tweet, the first voter and the first proud senior citizen to vote at this booth. Ladies and gentlemen, please vote and choose your leader.

Foreign Minister Jaishankar, who went to vote, did not find his name in the voter list, he came to know after returning home…

Initiative of District Election Commission

The District Election Office felicitated the male and female senior citizens who cast their vote first from the booth by giving them certificates. This initiative has been taken by the Election Commission to boost the morale of voters. In the same sequence, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar was felicitated for becoming the first voter at his booth. Rekha Sharma also became the first female senior citizen voter at her booth. She was also given a certificate. The certificate had the signatures of the Presiding Officer as well as the District Election Officer. Jaishankar cast his vote at polling booth number 53 of New Delhi parliamentary constituency. Rekha Sharma also cast her vote in New Delhi parliamentary constituency. In the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections, voting will be held on eight seats of Bihar, all 10 seats of Haryana, one seat of Jammu and Kashmir, four seats of Jharkhand, all seven seats of Delhi, six seats of Odisha, 14 seats of Uttar Pradesh and eight seats of West Bengal.

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