When the superstar grew his hair, he swallowed the stardom of big stars in one stroke, became one of the richest actors in the industry!

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Mumbai: From Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar to Ayushmann Khurrana, there are many stars in the entertainment world who have made their mark in Bollywood after hard work. There is no certainty as to whose luck will shine in the industry. There are many stars in Bollywood who started from zero and are heroes today. But, there is one star in the film world who has been ruling the industry as an umbrella for many years. His films are continuously collecting more than Rs 100 crore and this superstar's influence has continued for years. But, this journey was not so easy for the actor who gave many blockbuster films to the industry. Today, he is counted among the most expensive stars of the industry and once got Rs 75 for his work.

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This star seen in this photo is the same one who has been sitting as the king of Bollywood for years and the special thing is that even though his films may have flopped at one time, till date no other superstar has shaken his stardom even a bit. Have got. Now you must have understood that this star is none other than superstar Salman Khan.

Today Salman Khan charges more than Rs 100 crore for a film. But, the surprising thing is that there was a time when Salman Khan used to earn only Rs 70-75. Despite being the son of the industry's big screen writer Salim Khan, Salman Khan worked as a background dancer and then when he entered the industry as a hero, he made big stars leave.

In films, Salman Khan sometimes played the role of a simple boy and sometimes created a stir at the box office with his explosive action. But, there was a time when Salman Khan's career started wavering. When his films were continuously flopping, 'Tere Naam' was released in 2003. Salman appeared in a completely different style in this film. People with long hair and amazing style became such a fan that Tere Naam could not show anything special but Salman Khan's hairstyle became a hit.

Salman Khan started his film career with 'Maine Pyar Kiya'. In which Bhagyashree was in the lead role with him. At that time, Salman Khan's fees were very low, but today he charges crores and the net worth of Salman Khan, who once charged Rs 75, is close to Rs 5500 crore.

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