When the question was raised on dark complexion, Shahrukh's darling replied in this manner, trollers stopped talking.

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Shahrukh's daughter Suhana Khan is celebrating her 24th birthday. Even though she is not able to show her acting skills at this age, she still rules the hearts of her fans. The biggest reason for which is her bold fashion style and beauty. People also raised questions on Suhana's dark complexion and made lewd comments on her. Despite this his confidence did not diminish.

Shahrukh's darling set her style statement without caring about what would look good on the dark complexion and what wouldn't. She used to wear all types of outfits whether it was dark color or deep neck. Suhana has proved people's thinking wrong every time by garnering praise for her dressing sense. Now even those who questioned her dark complexion will be embarrassed because Suhana has answered them very beautifully. (Photo Courtesy: Instagram@suhanakhan2)

She looked beautiful even in pale colors

It is said that people with dark skin should not wear pale colors as it makes them look even paler. But Suhana doesn't believe so at all, just look at her blush pink floral dress. Suhana is wearing a sleeveless dress which has a plunging neckline and flare on the upper part which is very beautiful. She looks very beautiful even with open hair and minimal makeup.

Suhana's traditional look

Suhana styles light shades very well not only for western but also for ethnic look. Everyone liked her traditional avatar in this pastel kurta set too. Suhana's sleeveless kurta is finely embroidered with white thread and stones. With which she has styled churidar salwar and organza dupatta. Suhana was looking very beautiful with a bindi on her forehead and open hair.

attractive look in dark color

Attractive look in dark color

Suhana, who has left a deep impression in the hearts of fans with her fashion statements, looks stylish in every color dress. Her sizzling look was seen in a flirty purple mini dress. This dress is designed with sweetheart neckline and off shoulder. In which puffed sleeves are visible. The pleated overlapping design on the front and the pleated train on the sides of the dress are adding to the glamour. Suhana carried only minimal accessories to enhance the silhouette of the outfit. So now looking at Suhana no one can say that dark color does not look good on people with dark skin.

Delightful style in deep neck

Delightful style in deep neck

Suhana looked glamorous and sizzling in a red dress. The red shimmery bodycon dress seemed to complement the fit body of King Khan's darling. Suhana did not hesitate at all to flaunt her curves as well as toned figure in this plunging neckline outfit. This bold fashion sense of the actress makes people crazy.

Bala's beauty in black

Bala's beauty in black

Often you might have seen dark skinned people avoiding black color but this is not at all the case with Suhana. She has also styled black very beautifully. Now just look at her black corset top and slit skirt. Which she has styled with black heels and small yellow purse. Suhana's overall look seems to be creating tremendous oomph factor.

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