When Pawan Kalyan's daughter Aadya did a stunt on the roof of a car, now the video is going viral

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South's 'Power Star' Pawan Kalyan, who won a historic victory in the Lok Sabha elections, has tremendous stardom. He has been ruling the hearts of people for many years with his strong acting and dangerous stunts. But recently Pawan Kalyan's daughter Adya did a viral stunt. Seeing this, fans were surprised and started praising Adya. It is known that Adya is the daughter of Pawan Kalyan and his second ex-wife Renu Desai. Renu Desai recently shared a video of Adya doing a stunt on her Instagram account. In this, she is seen doing Papa Pawan Kalyan's viral rooftop stunt with a car. The roof of the car is open and she is seen enjoying by getting out of it.

Pawan Kalyan with his second ex-wife, Photo: BCCL

Do stunts on car roof like dad!

Pawan Kalyan also did a similar rooftop stunt in which he sat on the roof of a car along with the entire convoy. He did this spontaneous stunt during his visit to Ippattam village in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh as part of his political efforts. People were very impressed with this sudden action of Pawan Kalyan. Fans were also surprised to see this daring stunt of Pawan Kalyan and they joined the actor's party.

Pawan Kalyan wanted to do farming, did not want to become an actor

Pawan Kalyan may be considered a power star today, but he never wanted to become an actor. Pawan Kalyan had told in an interview that he was fond of farming. He used to grow flowers etc. and was thinking of doing something in this field. But on the insistence of sister-in-law Surekha, he came into films. Elder brother Chiranjeevi also wanted Pawan Kalyan to come into films like him.

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