When Ankita Lokhande got her 'first period', her brother said 'she is going to die'

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When girls start getting periods, they don't know much about it. They come to know about it only when they get their periods for the first time. Like normal girls, actresses also have a similar experience regarding periods. TV actress Ankita Lokhande has shared her experience of her first period.

Ankita told that when she got her periods for the first time, she went to the bathroom and she was bleeding. She felt very strange at that time. She said that she did not have much knowledge then. She was in sixth or seventh class. She took off her panties and kept them in the bathroom. Ankita told that her brother saw those panties in the bathroom and said, “Ankita is going to die, now he will never kill her”.

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I don't know about periods

There are many girls like Ankita who do not know about periods. UNICEF According to, when your daughter reaches adolescence, you should talk to her and ask if she already knows about this and what she thinks about it. Has any of her friends had periods? If she has any wrong questions or misconceptions about this, try to clear them.

Use clear words

Use clear words when talking about periods. Tell your daughter that it is a natural and biological process that every girl goes through. Tell her that periods are a normal part of growing up and every girl has to go through it during puberty.

Share your experience

Share your experience

To make it not too stressful for your daughter, share your experience with her. Tell her that girls' bodies go through a lot of changes when they get their first period. Their breasts and body hair start growing and their hips widen. Hormones start affecting girls' emotions and moods. Tell her that there is nothing to be scared or embarrassed about.

What to do if there is pain during periods?

What to do if there is pain during periods?

Tell your daughter that stomach pain is common during periods. Her mood can also change during this time. To cure this, you can do exercise and deep breathing. One should take a short walk, get adequate sleep, drink plenty of water and some medicines prescribed by the doctor can also reduce stomach pain.

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Tell me about ways to prevent periods

Tell me about ways to prevent periods

Before or after your daughter's first period, tell her about sanitary pads, reusable pads, tampons, cloth and menstrual cups. Let her know that she can choose any of these products as per her convenience.

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