What will change after Raisi's death? What are experts saying on Iran's policy on America-Israel?

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale - Senior Editor
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New Delhi: The sudden death of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi (63) has raised many questions. After winning the disputed and controlled elections in 2021, Raisi was in the news for taking a tough stance on nuclear talks. The year he won the election was the historically lowest turnout year in Iran. Raisi became one of the radical and powerful faces of domestic politics, who always remained in controversies.

In Iran's domestic politics, his image had emerged as a very radical leader. Just a year after the election, he had started a movement in the country by strictly implementing the Hijab law. The purpose of this law was to restrict the dress and behavior of women. Kurdish Iranian woman Masha Amini died in the custody of the moral police. After this, protests took place all over the country. The movement was suppressed very strictly. The protesters were hanged.

International politics expert Qamar Agha says that after Raisi's death, there will not be much difference on Iran's policy. Be it uranium enrichment, or pursuing a policy of de-dollarization through entry into BRICS, there are no signs of deviating from the foreign policy Iran has been following for decades, says Agha. Along with this, Raisi made every possible effort to advance his anti-Israel policy. Raisi maintained a tough stance, withdrawing from the nuclear deal with the US and then adopting a policy of uranium enrichment.

Be it supporting Russia's attack in Ukraine or supporting Houthi rebels. He tried every trick of geo-politics which later proved to be anti-American. Agha says that the resumption of diplomatic relations and commencement of talks with Saudi Arabia last year was also a major diplomatic event that happened during his time. It takes time for the new President to take charge and then to fully understand and take control of the situation. In such a situation, amidst the daily changing situation of the world, everyone's eyes will be on Iran and the events related to it.

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