What will be the foreign policy regarding China and Pakistan? Foreign Minister S Jaishankar made it clear on the very first day

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New Delhi: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar started his second innings as Foreign Minister on a bright sunny morning on June 11. During this, while talking to reporters outside South Block, Jaishankar talked about foreign policy in his previous tenure. Jaishankar said that under Modi 2.0, the policies of the Ministry of External Affairs were woven around the common people, so it has become a 'people-centric ministry'. He said that the work of the ministry in the last tenure was quite satisfactory not only in view of the presidency of the G-20 but also on many other parameters. All the challenges of diplomacy were faced fearlessly. Talking about India's role in various missions apart from Vande Bharat Mission, the Foreign Minister said that during this time Indian diplomacy went beyond its known dimensions. Whether it was about improving passport services, or our quick response to the needs of Indians living abroad. Jaishankar defined India First and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam as the basis of the coming framework of diplomacy. He said that India takes its role as Vishwa Bharat very seriously, under which the countries of the world rely on our stability and reliability amidst the turmoil of a turbulent world. We hope that we will be successful in maintaining our position even amidst conflicts and tensions.

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'Our foreign policy will be quite successful'

On the question of whether India will be able to get a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council, Jaishankar said that the world has seen that if there is one country that has stood with the Global South in times of crisis, it is India. They feel that India is their friend. The way we tried for the membership of the African Union during the presidency of the G-20 has increased the trust of the countries of the world in us. As far as the UNSC is concerned, it is expected that our foreign policy will be quite successful. Regarding the priority in the South Asia region, Jaishankar said that our commitment to Neighborhood First was clear from the day of the oath. He said that PM Modi and he himself met the heads of all these neighboring countries and had positive talks. Jaishankar made it clear that relations with neighboring countries will be one of the major priorities of foreign policy.

What did the Foreign Minister say about Pakistan and China?

Talking about relations with Pakistan and China, Jaishankar said that the world feels that there is political stability in India today. As far as Pakistan and China are concerned, these are two different countries and their relations are also slightly different. The problems there are different. He said that there are still some issues in the situation on the border with China, attention will be paid to resolving them. There has been a challenge of cross-border terrorism with Pakistan for years, we will work towards finding a solution to that too.

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