What will be the 5 major priorities of Modi Government 3.0? With which the country will write a new chapter of big decisions

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: With the mandate of the people of the country, Narendra Modi will take oath as Prime Minister for the third time on Sunday. Addressing the nation after the results of the Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi had said, 'The country will witness historic decisions in the third term.' BJP has suffered a huge loss of vote share and seats in the Lok Sabha elections 2024, but BJP is going to form the government with the support of its NDA constituents. The BJP-led NDA alliance has got 292 seats. BJP has emerged as the largest party in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. However, there are 63 seats less than in 2019. But PM Modi's enthusiasm is as high as before. PM Modi has clearly said that in the third term of the NDA, the country will write a new chapter of many big decisions. Let us know on which 5 tasks PM Modi will focus more in his third term.

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Focus on good governance

After being elected the leader of the NDA parliamentary party, PM Modi had said in his speech, 'The NDA government has given good governance to the country and in a way saying NDA itself becomes synonymous with good governance. Poor welfare and good governance have been paramount in the focus of all of us. I am saying with great responsibility that good governance, development, quality of life in the lives of citizens in the next 10 years is my personal dream. The less the government interferes in the life of the common man, the stronger the democracy will be.'

Special focus on women empowerment

BJP had put a special focus on women voters in the election campaign. In his first speech after the election results, PM Modi did not forget to mention women. Remembering his late mother, he said, 'Today's moment is personally emotional for me. This was my first election after my mother's death. But believe me, the mothers, sisters and daughters of the country did not let me feel the absence of my mother. Wherever I went, I got blessings. The women of the country broke all the records of voting. The mothers and sisters of the country have given me new inspiration.' This is an indication that BJP's focus will remain on women in the future as well and it will continue to work on schemes related to their welfare.

Action against corruption continues

PM Modi said, '10 years ago the country gave us a mandate for change. This was the time when the country had sunk into the depths of despair. The country's young generation was apprehensive about its future. Then the country entrusted us with the task of extracting pearls of hope from the deep sea of ​​despair. We all tried and worked with full sincerity. This work is going on in 2019 as well, and will go on even faster in 2024. Our fight against corruption will continue.' It is clear from this statement of the Prime Minister that the next government will adopt a tough attitude towards corruption.

Tribals will be connected to the main stream

PM Modi said in his speech that see the power of such a great democracy of India that today people have given the NDA a chance to serve by forming government in 22 states of the country. This alliance of ours is the soul of India in the true sense. There are 10 such states in our country, where the number of our tribals is effective and decisive. NDA is serving in 7 out of such 10 states. In the political history of the country, no pre-election alliance has ever been as successful as NDA. PM Modi said that the journey of three decades of NDA in 75 years of independence gives a message of great strength. This is the most successful alliance. NDA is not a gathering of some parties to gain power or run the government, it is a group committed to Nation First with the basic spirit of Nation First. Referring to the tribals, PM Modi made it clear that in the third term they will be rapidly connected to the mainstream.

Development plans may expand to the south

PM Modi said that in this election, NDA has strengthened the foundation of a new politics in South India. Karnataka and Telangana, where their (Congress) governments were formed recently. But, in a moment people lost faith in them and embraced NDA. I also want to congratulate the Tamil Nadu team. Today, NDA's vote share has increased rapidly in Tamil Nadu. Similarly, our representative has come from Kerala for the first time. After the results, PM Modi also mentioned the growing support base of BJP in South India. In such a situation, it is being speculated that this time BJP will keep special focus on the development of South India.

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