What will be Amit Shah's role? What changes have happened in NDA? See this picture

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Different meanings are being drawn from the results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024. After the victory and defeat, preparations for the formation of a new government have intensified. It is almost certain that the next government is going to be formed by the NDA. This time there is less emphasis on the fact that the BJP government is going to be formed. This time the emphasis is on the NDA. The reason for this is also that the party is far from the majority. On Wednesday, an NDA meeting was held in Delhi and in this meeting Narendra Modi was unanimously elected leader. After the picture that came out after the meeting, discussions have started on it. Also, the picture also shows whose stature is going to increase in Modi 3.0. Looking at the picture of NDA leaders in 2019 and 5 years later in 2024, it is known that a lot has changed. The leaders who used to look close to Narendra Modi are now looking far away. At the same time, those who were far away are looking close. A meeting of NDA leaders was held on Wednesday. In the picture of the meeting that has come out, Chandrababu Naidu is seen standing right next to PM Modi and Nitish Kumar after him. After this, leaders of other NDA allies Shiv Sena and NCP are seen. Chirag Paswan, Anupriya Patel and other NDA allies are also seen in the picture. Three BJP leaders are standing near PM Modi. Right next to Modi is BJP National President JP Nadda, followed by Rajnath Singh and then Amit Shah. In the last term, Amit Shah was often seen right next to Narendra Modi, but this time the distance has increased. Its meaning is also being interpreted in political corridors.
Now let's come to the second picture. This picture is of the year 2019. BJP comes to power on the basis of majority. In this picture of NDA leaders, many such faces are seen who are no longer with them. Uddhav Thackeray is no longer with BJP and Akali Dal is also no longer a part of NDA. There are also some leaders who are no longer in this world. Amit Shah is seen right next to Narendra Modi. Whereas in this picture Amit Shah is seen a little far away.

Apart from this, in the second term of Modi government, whether it was a party meeting or a government meeting, Amit Shah was present right next to Narendra Modi in both the places. Now can this sequence be broken in Modi 3.0? Who will win among the big leaders of BJP, who will become a minister and who will not, what will be the role of each leader, it will be known in the next few days but one thing is clear that this time the picture will definitely be different.

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