What happened when Modi reached LK Advani's house to meet him, know here

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New Delhi : After winning the Lok Sabha elections and being elected as the Prime Minister by the NDA alliance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the house of BJP veteran and senior leader Lal Krishna Advani to seek his blessings. What was the conversation between them and what was the atmosphere during that time, all the information has been given by senior journalist of NBT Online, Naresh Taneja… It was around 2:30 in the afternoon. With the scorching sun and mind-numbing heat, when all the roads seemed deserted, suddenly a long convoy of vehicles stops in front of Bungalow No. 30 on Prithviraj Road. Seeing the convoy, the doors of the bungalow open with great respect and a big vehicle of the convoy moves towards the portico inside. As soon as the vehicle stops, today's Prime Minister and then acting Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes out of it. To welcome him, the house owner Lal Krishna Advani's daughter Pratibha Advani was sitting on the threshold of the house in front.

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Advani stood up after seeing PM Modi

After the welcome, Pratibha takes Modi inside the house. As soon as Narendra Modi enters the room on the left after crossing the 15-20 feet long verandah, LK Advani is sitting in a corner of the room on the right and welcoming him with his ever-familiar smile. Advani ji usually meets visitors sitting on this chair. Seeing Modi coming home, Advani stood up. After greeting and asking about each other's well-being, there were congratulations for winning the election and being chosen as the leader of the NDA. Various kinds of discussions also took place and along with that there was also the ritual of serving sweets and tea. Both of them talked very happily. Perhaps all this was happening after a very long gap.

The conversation was taking place in such an environment and in such a manner that despite the scorching heat outside and the election atmosphere going on in the whole country, everyone present in the meeting room could easily feel the warmth in their hearts and relationships. All the people present were very happy.

While spending time with the Advani family, Narendra Modi told them how the election campaign went this time. He also informed his senior leader about the main things that happened during the elections. The two also discussed the order of the election results. Advani ji has a specialty. He speaks very little. Whatever the other person wants to tell him, he keeps listening to it. Yes, if there is any special curiosity, he definitely asks. This is the experience of the writer of these lines for years. During the meeting of the two, BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani's daughter Pratibha Advani was also present. Pratibha is not only his daughter but ever since Advani ji's wife Kamla Advani passed away, she has been playing the role of his nurse who takes care of him all the time, keeping her career and everything else aside.

PM Modi inquired about the condition of the house

When asked what she talked about with Modi Ji when he came to meet her, Pratibha said that Modi Ji has family relations with our family, so we talked like family members talk about the family. He asked about the well-being of the family. How long did Modi Ji stay at your house? Pratibha told that the occasion was such that he was in a hurry and he had to go to other places as well. He could not eat much. We just fed him some sweets and got a chance to have a light snack.

Both of them talked for half an hour

When Pratibha Advani was asked what she would like to say about the special visit of Modi Ji to her house after the new elections, she said that it was a matter of great joy for me to see them both meeting. I was very happy to see Dada (she calls her father Dada) and him (Modi) meeting. Modi Ji's arrival was very pleasant. Dada was also very happy with his arrival. We both were happy that he came to meet us after winning the elections. After staying there for about half an hour, Modi took the blessings of his party's senior leader Advani and after bidding him goodbye, left for his next destination. As everyone knows, later he also went to meet senior party leader Murli Manohar Joshi and former President Ram Nath Kovind.

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