What happened to Urfi Javed's face? How did her blooming face get swollen? Run to the doctor as soon as you see the symptoms

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Urfi Javed, who posts fashion-related photos and videos every time she comes in front of the camera, mesmerizes her fans with her every look. Be it her unique dresses or the glow on her face, Urfi entertains everyone with her every style.

But this time Urfi has not posted a post of the dress but of the swollen face. This girl has given the news of her serious condition through a post on Instagram, in which she has shared her problem and has also asked everyone to sympathize. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @urf7i)

What happened to Urfi?

Recently, Urfi has shared a post on her Instagram, in which she has told about her skin problem that she has been suffering from allergies for the last few days and due to this her face remains swollen most of the time. Due to which she is waking up with such a swollen face every other day.

Problem with captions

Sharing her problem in the caption, Urfi wrote, 'I am getting so many comments on my face that I have used too much of my fillers! I have a huge allergy. I wake up like this every other day and my face is always swollen. I am always in a lot of pain.

Urfi said, 'Immunotherapy is ongoing'

Urfi said immunotherapy is ongoing

Responding to the comments received from people, Urfi said, 'Immunotherapy is going on but if you see me with a swollen face every time, then you should know that I am suffering from allergies.

Urfi shared the post

Why does skin allergy occur?

Why does skin allergy occur?

Often you must have seen that some people have problems like redness, swelling and rashes on their skin, this happens due to skin allergy. But why does this happen to us? This happens when our skin comes in contact with something that causes our immune system to overreact. In such a situation, our body fights to make antibodies, due to which rashes and swelling start appearing on the skin.

If you see these symptoms, go to the doctor

If you see these symptoms, go to the doctor

Usually we ignore itching in hands or any part of the body, which later becomes a big problem for us like skin allergy. The same happens in case of allergies on the face. So if you have a lot of pimples on your face, swelling around the lips or watery eyes, then immediately go to the doctor and get yourself checked. Even a little delay can put you in big trouble.

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